December book releases book haul

December 2019 Book Haul – Calling all Enneagram Lovers!

By Lydia | 11th December 2019

December book releases are great for those of us who fill our Christmas wish list with books! But it’s even better for picking out awesome gifts to give everyone on your list. For every age, […]

independent bookstores parnassus nashville

The Case for Independent Bookstores

By Shea Nolan | 30th November 2019

Full disclosure: before I get too far into this post, I have to admit that I am biased. My literary career was launched at an independent bookstore, and after my time there I can never […]

mister rogers quote posters

We Made Mister Rogers Quote Posters from The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

By Lydia | 26th November 2019

Have you ever listened to a speech or read something in a book, and felt like the words you heard were being spoken directly to you? If you are following along and reading The Simple […]

Mister Rogers Quiz

Quiz: Which Mister Rogers Sweater Are You?

By Lydia | 19th November 2019

What better way to get into the spirit of kindness and thankfulness than with a fun Mister Rogers quiz? If reading The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers (and prepping for the movie, A Beautiful Day […]

the simple faith of mister rogers

The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers Blew My Mind

By Jolene | 8th November 2019

There are photos of me as a young, diapered toddler staring intently at the television screen, my eyes trained on a kind and soft-spoken man in a buttoned-up sweater (I suspect the reason there are […]

fast and slow writers

Book Opinions: Slow Writers VS. Fast Writers

By Macy | 6th November 2019

If you know me at all, you know that I have three major pet peeves. (Probably more, but we shouldn’t pull at that thread, now should we?) Pets in outfits People who think Die Hard […]

november book haul mister rogers

November 2019 Book Haul – Featuring Mister Rogers

By Lydia | 2nd November 2019

Halloween may be over, but there’s no bad time to dress up like someone you admire, right? We donned sweaters to talk about this month’s new releases and gave a sneak peak of our book […]

spooky books for halloween

Spooky Books to Curl Up With this Halloween

By Rachel | 31st October 2019

Get in losers, we’re going into a spooky books nightmare. October is the greatest month of all the months, for many reasons. 1) there’s a baller L. M. Montgomery quote about how great of a […]

National Pumpkin Day: Pumpkin Spice Recipes for Every Type of Cook

By Goldie | 26th October 2019

There is a beloved holiday season that falls right after Labor Day and just before Christmas Eve that I believe deserves a little more observance. PUMPKIN SPICE. Otherwise referred to as PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Especially pumpkin […]

October 2019 Book Haul video

October 2019 Book Haul

By Lydia | 25th October 2019

It’s officially spooky season! We found the spookiest place at HQ we could find for our October Book Haul video. Yep, it’s a closet full of books. So really it’s only scary to people who […]