how reading has structured my days during quarantine

How Reading Has Structured My Days During Quarantine

By Shea Nolan | 18th April 2020

I have to confess, discipline is not my strong suit. I’m a romantic type. I prefer to live my life at the whims of inspiration, rather than the drudgery of routine. But the Coronavirus quarantine […]

my name is tani chess champion

5 Life Lessons Tani Will Teach You in My Name is Tani

By Our Friends at Book Riot | 16th April 2020

Tani Adewumi is an inspiration. When he was eight years old, he won the New York State Chess Championship after only a year of playing the game. His story shocked the elite world of chess […]

april 2020 book haul

April 2020 Book Haul – Inspiring Reads to Pass the Time

By Lydia | 14th April 2020

We’re going virtual for this month’s book haul – and oddly enough, it’s starting to feel somewhat normal. Fortunately, the publishing industry is stepping up and continuing to put out great books as many of […]

5 Hopeful Audiobooks from the Refugee Perspective

By Our Friends at Book Riot | 13th April 2020

No refugee’s story is the same. Tani Adewumi was a cool eight-year-old boy from Nigeria who rocked at playing chess. Lopez Lomong fled Sudan and eventually became an Olympic athlete. Two Jewish brothers escaped a […]

grieving a book

The 5 Steps to Grieving a Favorite Book (or Series)

By Eric | 8th April 2020

The deep dread that comes with finishing a book series…is there anything more literally ironic than the process of reading a beloved series? The crippling sadness of grieving a book increases before it’s even over, […]

how quarantine has changed my reading habits

How Quarantine Has Changed My Reading Habits

By Nicole Weisbrich | 6th April 2020

“What the heck am I reading?” I whisper to myself as I download my sixth chick lit book for the week. Call it social distancing, self-isolation, or quarantine – whatever it is, it has my […]

Bookish Activities for Yourself and the Kiddos during Quarantine

By Jolene | 3rd April 2020

As we’re all huddled close in our homes in order to keep each other safe and healthy, you may found that you picked up some responsibilities. These responsibilities probably include becoming teacher/entertainer for your kiddos […]

We Made Motivational Posters from Dave Hollis’ Get Out of Your Own Way Audiobook

By Jolene | 27th March 2020

It’s been… a month. We’ve all been through some crazy things in the past couple of weeks, and some of us use various forms of therapy to cope, whether we snack too much, ingest too […]

Author Guest Post – Court Stevens on “Adulting” and other Difficult, Beautiful Things

By Jolene | 24th March 2020

We’re thrilled to share a blog post by Court Stevens, author of the newly released novel, The June Boys, here on Page Chaser. Today Court is reflecting on “adulting” and what it looks like in […]

Book Series that You Should Start If You’re Stuck at Home

By Jolene | 20th March 2020

Stuck at home? If so, I guess that one of the following has presented itself recently, such as: Cabin fever Wanting just a couple moments alone (or the opposite: you need some serious company) The […]