overcoming anxiety

How Nervous Are You?

By Rachel | 13th November 2017

Bummer fact: Did you know anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States? Fun fact: Did you know the little hop-and-spin that rabbits do is called a “binky?” Seriously! Did my […]

Andy Andrews, happy kid play superhero , boy power concept

Who Would You Bring Back to Save the World?

By Rachel | 3rd November 2017

For the fifteenth anniversary of The Traveler’s Gift, Andy Andrews is doing several podcasts about the story behind the book. Check them out here! It’s been fifteen years since Andy Andrews released his New York Times best-seller The Traveler’s […]

country music guitar CMA country music awards books about country music

5 Audiobooks to Get You Hyped for the CMA Awards

By Jolene | 2nd November 2017

Listen: when you grow up in East Tennessee, Dolly Parton becomes your pastor of sorts. Her moniker is everything, you can’t escape her music, and what childhood isn’t made happier after stuffing your face full […]

dog books

7 Books Where the Dog Doesn’t Die

By Stephanie | 30th October 2017

One of my favorite episodes of Friends is “The One Where Old Yeller Dies,” when Phoebe discovers her mother prevented her from seeing the true endings to sad childhood movies. Who doesn’t relate to this? As a […]


Books to Give Boys Who Aren’t Getting the Hint

By Rachel | 25th October 2017

Ah, boys. Where do we even begin? They are about 52% of the world population. Their literary work has been better retained in the canon over the past 400 years. Statistically, they can usually help […]

order of John Green’s novels

The Definitive Reading Order of John Green’s Novels

By Rachel | 25th October 2017

Hello, fellow Chasers. Have you wondered where all your friends have gone lately? Do they seem completely hollowed out? Are they bent over with their hands on their knees? Are they staring through branches on […]


Why I Reread … Again, and Again, and Again

By Stephanie | 24th October 2017

Each night my children get to pick out their own books for me to read aloud to them. More times than not, a book becomes a favorite, and we reread it each night for the […]

newlywed activity calendar

FREE #HoneymoonOn Activity Calendar

By Stephanie | 8th May 2017

When you’re engaged, your focus is on the wedding. Your time, energy, and Pinterest clicks are spent planning one day – then you’re whisked away on your honeymoon, basking in the unreality of marital bliss. […]

page chaser

Welcome to Page Chaser

By Stephanie | 6th May 2017

Not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Four humans sat commiserating in a room. The problem was this: there wasn’t a bookish community that intersected all of their reading tastes. Current communities […]