march book releases book haul

March 2020 Book Haul – Un-put-downable Fiction Picks

By Lydia | 18th March 2020

In the midst of media overload and a whole lot of unknowns, one of the best ways to center yourself and keep your mind in check is to dive into a captivating book. Fortunately, there […]

Books for When You’re Feeling Anxious

By Jolene | 13th March 2020

Whew. If these past couple of weeks haven’t left you feeling anxious, count yourself lucky. I think Buzzfeed got it succinctly right with one tweet… … — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) March 12, 2020 From elections […]

Celebrating National Women’s Month with Amazing Audiobooks by Women

By Jolene | 6th March 2020

This month, we’re ALL celebrating National Women’s Month because let’s be honest: women are super cool. And sometimes the women in our past and present get overlooked for their accomplishments. For example… Women got the […]

pastor sheryl brady guest post on don't miss the moment

Author Guest Post: Pastor Sheryl Brady on the Moments that Shape Us

By Lydia | 23rd February 2020

When you look at your life, do you view it in respect to the whole, or as a series of significant moments, each contributing to who you are as a person in your current stage […]

john eldredge guest post get your life back

Author Guest Post – John Eldredge on Getting Your Life Back

By Lydia | 20th February 2020

John Eldredge, author of a number of bestselling books, including the (wildly) popular Wild at Heart, has recently released a new book, Get Your Life Back. Today’s blog is from John, who shares inspiring insight […]

Six Adventurous Audiobooks That Will Nourish Your Soul

By Jolene | 17th February 2020

A great thing about audiobooks is that you can literally take them everywhere with you. Most of the time, for me, where I’m taking them is fairly unexciting – think: watching live humans and commuting […]

andy griffith show mayberry quiz

Quiz: Which Mayberry Character from The Andy Griffith Show Are You?

By Eric | 5th February 2020

Who else remembers watching black-and-white reruns of The Andy Griffith Show as a child? Everyone in Mayberry was so delightful, so kind – it’s no wonder Mayberry was known as “the friendly town.” This year […]

february book releases book haul

February 2020 Book Haul – Inspiring February Book Releases

By Lydia | 3rd February 2020

Congratulations on surviving January, aka the longest month of the year! By the 81st of the month, I was starting to think I wouldn’t make it, but books and lots of hot tea helped me […]

quiz valentines day read

Quiz: What book should you read this Valentine’s Day?

By Jolene | 31st January 2020

As the countdown for the perennial “day of love” begins, we thought we would celebrate with what else? Books. We celebrate with books, it’s what we do. And Valentine’s Day Reads definitely need to become […]

5 reading hacks to conquer your goals

5 Hacks for Conquering Your Reading Goals

By Lydia | 29th January 2020

We all did it in January – made lofty reading goals and bragged about how much we were going to read in the New Year. Even if you’re just saying it to yourself, it’s still […]