BOOK QUIZ: Discover Which Author You Are Based On Your Favorite Fall Foods

Book Quiz Fall Foods Author

Today is the official start of Autumn, and like most Americans, we are ready to dive right in to all things cozy and comforting. Never mind that it’s still 83 degrees at Page Chaser HQ. Summer has to wind down eventually, right? Maybe if we wish hard enough, we’ll get some crisp Fall air. And with it, Fall Foods.

Whether you were the one who rolled their eyes at everyone who bought a pumpkin spice latte in early August or you were the first one in line for one, there’s bound to be a few Fall foods you start to crave when the weather finally cools. Tell us your favorites in our book quiz below and find out which famous author you are based on the foods you pick!

Book Quiz: Discover Which Author You Are Based On Your Favorite Fall Foods!

Which author are you most like based on your favorite Fall foods? Tell us in the comments! book quiz morning routine
Us, getting excited about Fall foods after seeing the pictures in this quiz

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