Amazing Bookstores to Visit on Independent Bookstore Day

Raise your hand if one of the most greatest joys in your life is walking into a local bookstore, viewing the beautiful shelves, and letting your inner bookworm rejoice! One of my favorite things about going to an indie bookstore is that you really get the feeling that every book there was carefully curated, that the people who work there… actually read the books. Plus, inside: They. Are. Gorgeous.

In case you are unaware, Independent Bookstore Day is arriving before you know it (April 27th) and nothing could make this booknerd happier.

Independent Bookstore day
How I imagine I enter my local bookseller on Indepedent Bookstore Day…

So, in celebration of Independent Bookstore Day’s Eve, let’s celebrate some gorgeous independent bookstores:

Literati Bookstore

This beaut can be found in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and it’s every bit of the definition of charming. Plus? It was crowned Publishers Weekly’s Bookstore of the Year.


The Bookshop

A little nugget of bookstore gold, every part of this bookstore is curated and lovely because of it. Plus there’s something undeniable cheerful about the bookshelves and all those gorgeous, colorful spines.

The Strand

Inside The Strand, you will find 18 miles of books. You read that right: 18 MILES Of books. If you can’t find something to read in The Strand, your “booknerd” card is officially revoked.


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Parnassus Books

As the illustrious Ann Patchett’s bookstore, this place is surprisingly expansive, but still ever so cozy. Plus? There are shop dogs and I just want to love and protect them all.

The Last Bookstore

Everything about this bookstore is perfection. Want a book arch? They got it. How about a bank vault filled with Horror tomes? It’s totally there. LA’s famous bookstore is GORG-EEE-US.


And because I am the resident Page Chaser audiobook enthusiast, I must also make you aware that is celebrating Independent Bookstore Day, too. In case you don’t know, partners with your local independent bookstore to offer audiobook downloads that benefit A) Your ears and brain and B) Your local bookstore. It’s truly a win-win! Check out their IBD (yeah, Independent Bookstore Day has its own abbreviation) page.

What are some of your favorite independent bookstores?

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