June 2020 Book Haul – Inspirational Summer Reads

Can you believe it’s already June? This year has been both excruciatingly long and short at the same time, but what a year it has been. In our June 2020 Book Haul, Page Chaser Eric serves up some inspirational reads that are perfect as we launch into summer. Also, June is Audiobook Month, so we’re excited that this group of books are all narrated by their authors. Huzzah!

A summary of the June 2020 Book Haul:

  • Realizing: you’re meant to change the world. So go do it, for real.
  • Have you ever reconsidered all the things you thought were true? And what if reconsidering all we hold true could bring us closer (not further) to the truth?
  • A Southern woman dishes out both tough love and a generous heaping of self-love and encouragement.
  • Bob Goff’s newest; enough said.

More about the books in our June 2020 Book Haul…

The Three-Mile Walk by Banning Liebscher

Three-Mile Walk June 2020

We are all called to be change-makers in the world, and yet many of us don’t know how to answer the call. Jesus Culture founder and pastor Banning Liebscher reveals the three key moves that will awaken your heart and propel you into a life of divine purpose.

With a heart-stirring message and compelling stories, founder of Jesus Culture and pastor Banning Liebscher will equip you with practical guidance to be and do all that God has called you to. The Three-Mile Walk draws from the biblical story of Jonathan, who, after a treacherous three-mile hike, boldly stepped into battle and watched God work a stunning victory in the midst of impossible odds. Likewise, Liebscher presents the three key attributes you need to fully engage your mission – courage, holiness, and faith. In his power-packed, memorable style, Liebscher offers fresh insight and instruction for answering your calling with a courageous “yes”, and setting out on the journey of a lifetime.

All Things Reconsidered by Knox McCoy

If we ask just one question, does everything fall apart?

In All Things Reconsidered, popular podcaster Knox McCoy uses a unique blend of humor, pop culture references, and personal stories to show how a willingness to reconsider ideas can actually help us grow ourselves, our lives, and our beliefs.

In this laugh-out-loud defense of reconsideration, Knox dives into topics like:

  • Are participation trophies truly the worst?
  • Is it really worth it to be a ride-or-die sports fan?
  • Do we believe in God because of the promise of heaven – or the threat of hell?
  • Does prayer work? Is anyone even there?

Laughing Through the Ugly Cry by Dawn Barton

Do you believe that joy is a choice? Dawn Barton does.

She’s an upbeat Southerner with good hair and a successful business background, but she’s had more heartache than most of us can imagine. Laughing Through the Ugly Cry is a collection of honest and sometimes raw stories. Dawn throws an arm around listeners as she brings them along on her journey through the loss of a child, divorce, cancer, rape, the death of her only sibling, her husband’s substance abuse, and finding her way back to Jesus in the middle of it all. Dawn shares her personal story to show listeners how to find happiness and purpose even in the darkest of days. 

Dream Big by Bob Goff

From New York Times best-selling author Bob Goff, the creator of the popular Dream Big conferences, a wildly inspiring yet utterly practical blueprint for helping listeners find and reach their biggest dreams.

Bob Goff is on a mission to shake people into the version of their lives they dreamt about before someone told them it was impossible or incorrect. He wants people to reconnect with the seat of their passion and their person. He wants them to dream big.

In this revelatory new audiobook, Goff takes listeners on a life-proven journey to rediscover their dreams and turn them into reality. Based on his popular Dream Big workshop, Bob draws on a lifetime of living and dreaming large to help guide listeners to reaching their larger-than-life dreams.

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