Meet the Chasers

Who are we?

We're quirky people who love to laugh and don't take ourselves too seriously. We represent a diverse range of reading preferences. But mostly, we love to encourage. Whether you are looking for a book to speak to you in hard times or need a gripping novel to help you accomplish your reading goals, we are your trusted resource.

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Content & Advertising Afficianado

The braintrust on all things website, and occasionally shows her face in videos. Bakes like the world runs on cookies. Favorite book genres include post-apocalyptic thrillers and dystopian sci-fi. She keeps our blog writers on track and our content flowing. Keep it coming!


Queen of Your Eardrums

Number one audiobook authority on the internet. Is serenaded because of her name a lot.  Usually can't hear you over the audiobook she is listening to, and even if she isn't listening to one, she'll pretend she is anyway. Sorry, can't hear you!


Instagram & Video Mastermind

Communications and media expert. His bookshelves will put yours to shame. Can often be found drinking coffee and posting book photos on Insta. Takes pride in his epic mustache and quiz-writing abilities. Makes us look cool on the internet.


Brand & Content Savant

One of the OG founding Page Chasers and a continued partner. Can recommend a psychological thriller and an uplifting Christian memoir in the same breath. Writer of everything ridiculous you read on this website, and not that sorry about it. Feels personally victimized when people refer to Frankenstein's monster as "Frankenstein."