Take Back Your Life by Levi Lusko

Take Back Your Life by Levi Lusko

A 40-day interactive journey that will help you identify and fight your internal battles - so you can take back your life. Every person has a mission and a God-given potential to impact the world, whether they recognize it or not. But life presents challenges and traps us in a helpless, hopeless loop of anxiety and fear.

In Take Back Your Life, a blend of best-selling books Through the Eyes of a Lion and I Declare War, join Levi Lusko on an interactive journey to take back your life. With biblical truth and perspective, this step-by-step journaling process will help you:

  • Get out of your own way by learning to think right so you can live right
  • Find purpose by discovering that God will do great things with your imperfect progress
  • Learn that your pain is not an obstacle to being used by God, but an opportunity to be used like never before.

This is more than a book; it’s an intimate self-analysis tool that will help you recognize what’s weighing you down or holding you back and equip you to embrace it head-on as you become the best version of yourself. Start thinking right so you can live right.

Interactive reflection questions are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.