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First, we answer the question…

What’s a Page Chaser?

According to our handbook (only kidding…we don’t have one of those…or do we?), a Page Chaser is someone who loves to read, look at, drool over, stack, organize, and take pics of…you guessed it…books. We chase pages to escape into a world of fantasy, to find self-help and learn self-care, embrace and grow our spirituality, or to create space for joy in our life.

If you happen to find yourself nodding along and checking the proverbial boxes in your head, then YOU TOO ARE A PAGE CHASER! Great!

I'm a Page Chaser. Feels kinda good right?

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Meet the Team Working for Your Next Read:

Ash- social media savant and self-help guru

Ash is our resident animal-lover (particularly bunnies). She keeps us centered and laughing. She loves fiction, it’s true, but she is a real page chaser of non-fiction self-care, awareness, leadership and social justice advocacy. Ash loves matcha, a good vegan burger, and can be seen catching a barre or spin class (pre-COVID-19, of course). Also, she has many plant children.


Eric- keeper of the site and self-proclaimed nerdiest of book nerds

Eric loves literature. Like has taken book-binding classes kind of love. He’s a fiction kind-of-guy, but developed a penchant for advice books specifically on leadership and spiritual growth, call it a quarter-life-crisis. He also has a recent fascination with cook books (best chocolate chip cookies on the planet, by the way), and memoirs and biographies. Did we literally just list all categories of all books? .

We have a few more friends around Page Chaser that will make appearances, Lydia and Rachel have created some of our favorite stuff, unrelenting high-quality book nerd content, which is what makes Page Chaser a true COMMUNITY of and for book lovers. Can’t wait for you to join in!