Thoughtfully Fit by Darcy Luoma

Thoughtfully Fit by Darcy Luoma

Your mind is like your body. Train it right, and it’ll become stronger, faster, and more agile. Grounded in simple yet proven strategies, Thoughtfully Fit trains your mind to perform well under any challenging circumstance. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, maximize your full potential, and customize a plan for success.

Developed by Darcy Luoma, one of America’s most highly credentialed leadership coaches, Thoughtfully Fit is the culmination of her lifetime work training leaders and teams to achieve peak mental fitness and overcome any hurdle effectively. You now have access to the same coaching that has worked for thousands of top performers.

Darcy is no stranger to life’s challenges. Her world changed forever when her beloved stay-at-home husband was arrested for sexual assault of a minor and dragged out of their home in handcuffs by a SWAT team. As tempting as it was to collapse, that wasn’t an option, especially for the sake of her two young daughters.

Instead, Darcy relied on what she knows best: coaching and the Thoughtfully Fit® model now revealed in this book.

Thoughtfully Fit shares the framework Darcy created and used to navigate life following her husband’s incarceration. Through personal stories combined with concrete skills, this book draws on the same principles of being physically fit--like flexibility, agility, and strength--to train you to be mentally fit for life’s challenges, big or small.

If you’re overwhelmed and stressed from managing all the chaos and relationships in your day-to-day life, Thoughtfully Fit will help you:

  • improve communication
  • strengthen your relationships
  • have less conflict, resentment, and regret
  • have more energy for the things you love
  • live with greater intention

Darcy has been where you are--and she will equip you to overcome whatever obstacles life throws your way.