Celebrating National Women's Month with Amazing Audiobooks by Women

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This month, we’re ALL celebrating National Women’s Month because let’s be honest: women are super cool. And sometimes the women in our past and present get overlooked for their accomplishments. For example...

  1. Women got the vote just a little over a hundred years ago in America (literally, we have great-grandmas who didn’t get to vote)
  2. Jane Austen had to publish under the moniker “A Lady” for a while because it was considered “un-ladylike” to get paid for your writing as a woman.
  3. If you’ve read Tammie Jo Shults’s Nerves of Steel, you know the adversity she faced in becoming the first female Navy fighter pilot and it’s frankly just crazy.

So it would be my honor – as a fellow woman – to present some of my favorite audiobooks that are written by women and also narrated by amazing women voices.

Reflections by Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks (narrated by Robin Miles)

We all know about Rosa Parks, but getting to know the inner thoughts and feelings of Rosa Parks is a whole other thing. This audiobook is in the very capable narration talents of Robin Miles, who conveys both Parks's wit and passion. It’s a short listen, and absolutely worth every second your time to really get to meet this civil rights monolith.

Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans (narrated by Rachel Held Evans)

I’ve talked before about how much this book means to me. Rachel Held Evans was a FANTASTIC narrator and this story was deeply personal for her. If you’re going through a journey of faith and want to hear someone truly wrestle and grow in their spirituality, I couldn’t recommend this audiobook more.

The June Boys by Court Stevens (narrated by McKenzie Fetters)

First, Court Stevens is an amazing writer, who truly creates an atmospheric read in The June Boys. It has film noir vibes while also maintaining a level of true-to-life grittiness that makes this audiobook a transporting listen. Also, McKenzie Fetters expertly handles that mid-Southern accent that can be hard to land just right without getting hyperbolic. This will be the Page Chaser Book of the Month for a reason: this book is just dang good all around.

Nerves of Steel by Tammie Jo Shults (narrated by Tavia Gilbert)

We’ve already laid our claim on how amazing Nerves of Steel is in Page Chaser posts. However, let me reiterate: Tammie Jo is a tough lady, and her story is truly inspiring. Audie-Award winning narrator Tavia Gilbert brings Tammie’s story to life with her narration.

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker (narrated by Jen Hatmaker)

Jen Hatmaker possess the blessing-curse of being everyone’s best friend, whether she knows you or not. This book will absolutely make you laugh + cry, and often in the same chapter. Plus, Jen is the master of narration, and her “bonus parentheticals” (AKA audiobook bonus off-script content) are worth the listen all in themselves.

The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais (narrated by Chloe Delandis)

This beaut recently received the Schneider Award, and for good reason. This Own Voices novel is expertly crafted by author Alison Gervais, who has experienced life as a hearing-impaired woman. Her characters inside The Silence Between Us are rendered wonderfully by narrator Chloe Delandis. Plus, the story is both gripping and enlightening. Reading a female voice from this POV is important.

To all my fellow women/fans of women, may I say Happy National Women's Month and...

National Women's Month

Are you celebrating Women’s Month with a special audiobook? Let us know what is your #currentread!

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