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Looking for the perfect gift to give this year? Check out these fiction reads!

From three bestselling authors comes When We Had Wings, an interwoven tale of a trio of World War II nurses in the Pacific who wage their own battle for freedom and survival. In this sweeping story based on the true experiences of nurses dubbed “the Angels of Bataan,” three women shift in and out of each other’s lives through the darkest days of the war, buoyed by their unwavering friendship and distant dreams of liberation. 

Her tears grant wishes. Her next tear will end her life. She didn’t ask to be the Wishtress. Myrthe was born with the ability to turn her tears into wishes. But when a granted wish goes wrong, she is cursed: the next tear she sheds will kill her. She must travel to the Well to break the curse before it can claim her life—and before the king’s militairen find her. To survive the journey, Myrthe must harden her heart to keep herself from crying even a single tear. 

You’ve Got Mail meets The Proposal—this romance is one for the books. 
Savannah Cade’s dreams are coming true. The Claire Donovan, editor-in-chief of the most successful romance publishing company in the country, has requested to see the manuscript Savannah’s been secretly writing. When Savannah drops her manuscript during a staff meeting and nearly exposes herself to the whole company—including William Pennington, the new boss and son of the romance-despising CEO herself—she has no choice but to hide the manuscript in a hidden room. When she returns, she’s dismayed to discover that someone has not only been in her hidden nook but has written notes in the margins—quite critical ones. As their notes back and forth start to fill up the pages, however, Savannah finds him not just becoming pivotal to her work but her life. There’s no doubt about it: she’s falling for her mystery editor. If she only knew who he was. 

The fate of the world is often driven by the curiosity of a girl. 
What happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke remains a mystery, but the women who descended from Eleanor Dare have long known that the truth lies in what she left behind: a message carved onto a large stone and the contents of her treasured commonplace book. Brought from England on Eleanor’s fateful voyage to the New World, her book was passed down through the fifteen generations of daughters who followed as they came of age. Thirteen-year-old Alice had been next in line to receive it, but her mother’s tragic death fractured the unbroken legacy and the Dare Stone and the shadowy history recorded in the book faded into memory. Or so Alice hoped. In this sweeping tale from award-winning author Kimberly Brock, the answers to a real-life mystery may be found in the pages of a story that was always waiting to be written. 
Harper Muse's Pretty Painted Books, Winter 2022 are now available in fine  collector's editions featuring beautiful cover art from artist Laci Fowler and distinctive interior treatments, making the ideal gift for fiction lovers and book collectors alike. Each collectible volume will be the perfect addition to any well-appointed library.  
Whether you're buying this as a gift or for yourself, this remarkable edition features: 
  • A beautiful high-end hardcover featuring Laci Fowler's distinctive hand-painted art, perfect for standing out on any discerning fiction-lover's bookshelf 
  • Decorative interior pages featuring pull quotes distributed throughout 
  • Matching ribbon marker and gold page edges 
  • The 4-volume collection includes Little WomenPersuasion, Jane Eyre, and The Mysterious Affair at Styles. 

Happy reading and gifting!

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