Who Would You Bring Back to Save the World?

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For the fifteenth anniversary of The Traveler's Gift, Andy Andrews is doing several podcasts about the story behind the book. Check them out here!

It’s been fifteen years since Andy Andrews released his New York Times best-seller The Traveler’s Gift, in which David Ponder travels throughout history to gain new perspective from some of the most profound thinkers of all time. This got me thinking. Unless you just woke up from a coma and this is the first thing you read, you know the world has been a bit of a cluster lately. From threats from North Korea, to political troubles domestically, to the end of Coke Zero, 2017 has been pretty heinous. What if we could summon anyone from throughout history could actually fix this mess? We went around the office and asked some Page Chaser friends who they wish could come back from the dead with their master influencing skills and save the world from impending World War III.

Who Would You Bring Back to Save the World?

Theodore Roosevelt, but the one from Night at the Museum where Robin Williams plays him. I mean, you do need a level of crazy to fix this, but crazy like ‘I believe in America,’ not crazy like ‘I want to blow things up.’” “I mean… Jesus, right? That’s the right answer, right?” “Moses. He can divide the sea and wash all the bad people away, but we would put a dome around the innocent people. Problem solved.” “FDR for sure. This country let him be president for four terms. Four! Nowadays we can’t even keep a professional coach for that long.” “Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, which right as I decided this, I realized might be an oversight because you know, they all die at the end. BUT -- anyone who responds to ‘our arrows will block out the sun,’ with ‘then we will fight in the shade,’ is the hero we all need.” “He’s not dead, but let’s just put Ryan Gosling in charge. He’ll fix everything.” “John Wayne. Think about it. There’s nothing he can’t do.” “John F. Kennedy, so we don’t have to wonder about his death and sift through all those files. I mean, also, he was great.”

Who do you wish would come back and save world? Let us know and share with your friends!

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