We'll Match Your Favorite Christmas Treat to Your New Favorite Audiobook

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The Christmas season is for spending time with loved ones, being festive, and reflecting on the reason for the season. And… let’s be honest… it’s for eating ALL OF THE FOODS. Want to see what your yuletide craving says about you? We have paired your hankerings with an audiobook for Christmas almost as equally as delectable.

Favorite treat: Hot Chocolate | Type of audiobook for Christmas: romance

audiobook for Christmas You’re okay with being okay with treating yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than with the most iconic deserts of all time: chocolate. It’s delicious, rich, and even bad chocolate? It’s good chocolate. If you’re into this kind of feel-good, classic treat, may I suggest that you dig into a warm and fuzzy romance? And not all romance is made alike! Are you a fairytale enthusiast? Then dive into Melanie Dickerson’s The Silent Songbird. And maybe you just want a story with characters that feel like they could be your next-door neighbors? Then you’ll lurve Denise Hunter’s Blue Ridge Sunrise. Trust me: these listens will make you feel cozy and happy, just like the best hot cocoa that your momma could make.

Favorite treat: Candy Canes | Type of audiobook for Christmas: classic and practical living

audiobook for Christmas

You’re really into keeping it simple and clean. Why get fussy with your Christmas treat when, for like a couple bucks, you could have a dozen delicious and classic candy canes to enjoy throughout the season? You’re not someone to be spending your money and time in frivolous things, but you still enjoy a nice thing here or there. For you, practical and wise one, why not go down the minimalist and peaceful route with Erin Loechner’s Chasing Slow? Or maybe you want to learn how to manage those finances even more scrupulously in the new year? Then how about Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover? Your mind is ready to glean some candy cane-sweet knowledge this Christmas… let these audiobooks help you:

Favorite treat: Tiramisu | Type of audiobook for Christmas: Thriller

audiobook for Christmas

You live on the dangerous side of life. Coffee in your desert? UM YEAH. You truly are a risk-taker, but you like your risks to be totally worth it. If you’re tempting the option that you may not sleep tonight because of your special Christmas indulgence, then you’d better be getting some truly delectable out of the deal. And what is worth that bargain than Tiramisu in all its layered delicious-ness. If you live on the wild side a little, you’ll want to check out something that will cater to your adventurous side, like a heart-pumping thriller. Whether it’s a high-stakes mystery (Colleen Coble's Because You're Mine) or a gripping political thriller (Lis Wiehl's The Seperatists), you’ll love sinking your teeth into these riveting audiobooks.

Favorite treat: Cheese plate | Type of audiobook for Christmas: Biography

audiobook for Christmas You’re always looking for something that take some time to absorb. While sweet treats are great, you’re into some a little more substantial. If you’re looking for something with a little heft, a good biography or memoir might be in your future. So, feel free to be liberal with that cheese spread, and settle down for some time with Charlie Daniels's Never Look at the Empty Seats or Eric L. Motley’s Madison Park.
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