Magnificent Literary Mustaches

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After all, more than one author has sported a

magnificent mustache,

a looney lip ferret,

a kooky cookie duster,

some lovely upper lipholstery,

or a nice nose curtain.

They have also reversely torn their hair out due to the stress of trying to write an entire novel in a single month *cough* #NaNoWriMo is insane *cough* (the guy coughing has failed three years running...).
And so, for all of you writers out there who need a break from word counts and writing alerts. For all you bros out there who may (like me) suffer from a lack of prodigious upper lip foliage, take heart in these literary greats and their even greater facial hair. 
Come along, listen to me wax philosophically (nonsensically) and maybe even suggest some books and blogs along the way ;)...
Langston Hughes:
 A Harlem renaissance poet best known for his jazz style. A sophisticated and subtle stache, the tracing his top lip has a simple beauty, not a coincedence his well known prose works are titled the same ;). 

W. Somerset Maugham: 
 Enigmatic English playwright and novelist. The pain behind this burly but controlled stache gives us a glimps eof the author's troubled and orphaned past. 
Mark Twain:
The grandaddy of them all (and American Literature). Check out a beautiful seasons edition of Huck Fin here, honoring this, the most glorious of staches.
Salvador Dali:
Artist first, Mr. Dali wrote about his secret life, we wonder if it contains the secret to growing such long lip hair.
Gabriel Garcia Márquez:

Nobel laureate Mr. Márquez was rarely seen without some form of face fungus.

W. E. B. Du Bois:

A beautiful upturned end.

Charles Dickens:

It was the hairiest of times, it was the baldest of times...

Another wonderful seasons edition here of his classic, A Tale of Two Cities .

Ralph Ellison:
Leo Tolstoy:
Fyodor Dostoevsky:
Ernest Hemingway:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:
Gustave Flaubert:
Edgar Allen Poe:
Thank you for enjoying all these old and great mustaches. Please check out our other blogs and if you love books as much as we do, sign up to be a Page Chaser! We've got great deals and even better memes. 
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