BOOK QUIZ: Make an Ice Cream Sundae, Get a Sweet Read

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This month is National Ice Cream Month. Ice cream is a wonderful and wholesome thing, and we are a better people for having invented it. And there is nothing more quintessential-wholesome than the ice cream sundae. When was the last time you had a sundae? Hopefully, the answer is today. While we can't offer ice cream discounts, free cones, or any other delectable treats, we can let you slip into nostalgia and make an ice cream sundae of your own. Then, after you create your sugary masterpiece, we'll recommend a sweet read. Will you go chocolate or vanilla? Whipped cream or not? No matter your sundae preferences, we have a book for you. Whether it's a fictional romance set in the Revolutionary War, or the memoir of a man who believes the most powerful thing we can do is show up, there's enough sugary goodness to satiate any reader's sweet tooth. So step right up and take our quiz!

Make an ice cream sundae, get a sweet read:

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