Book Series that You Should Start If You’re Stuck at Home

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Stuck at home? If so, I guess that one of the following has presented itself recently, such as:

  • Cabin fever
  • Wanting just a couple moments alone (or the opposite: you need some serious company)
  • The things that are happening outside your home gives you some major anxiety

Stuck at Home
Live footage of all of us stuck at home

If any of things feel totally relatable, I totally understand, because being stuck in one place proves suffocating after awhile. A little escapism offers a welcome respite. If that new Netflix series no longer excites you and the national news just gives you anxiety, may I calmly and with only a little bias suggest a book? Also, because I'm your resident audiobook nerd, my suggestions include the audiobook editions.

Therefore, check out these book series that you should start if you’re stuck at home...

If I Run Series by Terri Blackstock

If you’re feeling sluggish and need something to get the heart-pumping, may I suggest the If I Run Series? These thriller-novels pack in everything you love about a suspenseful read; a woman framed for murder, an emotionally-complex investigator, and a did-she-didn’t-she protagonist. Plus, there’s the writing chops of Terri Blackstock on top of all that. Heart beat up, boredom down.

Unblemished Trilogy by Sara Ella

If you need to escape to a different land, download Sara Ella’s Unblemished trilogy ASAP. The main character super charming, there’s a magical world, and there’s a little romance thrown in for good measure. Think of it as a vacation in your mind.

Lavender Tides Series by Colleen Coble

Collen Coble receives the claim as queen of what I like to call “location murder mysteries”: mysteries where the setting acts as its own kind of character. For example, Colleen's Lavender Tides series takes place near the West Coast’s Puget Sound, and the atmosphere just enhances the overall tone of this series. If you haven’t read Colleen Coble, cut your teeth on this series

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker’s imaginative Circle series allows you to explore two worlds: our own world and a supernatural one. This series has become a modern classic, and there’s a reason it’s a bestseller.

In conclusion, everyone here at Page Chaser hopes that even if you are stuck at home, you are well and healthy! Wash your hands!

What do you suggest? What book series should you start if you’re stuck at home?

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