Who Wore it Better? NY Bridal Fashion Week Edition 2018

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Chasers, I'm back. First I regaled you with the NY Fashion Show edition. Now, in honor of the recent NY Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2019 (and with a nod to the reported two wedding dresses Meghan Markle will wear during her royal marriage to Prince Harry), we’re booking the runway again. This time it’s the bridal dress cover edition. Who wore it better? We don’t know, but they all get hitched in the end.

Who wore it better? Bridal Edition

Do you like your wedding dresses with a side of door? I, too, believe that wedding dresses are ideal as camouflage.
I'm just going to say it. Is that the same model? Did she steal the dress off the runway and wander around in it until someone took photographs of her and made a book cover? Even the hair is perfectly coiffed. Honestly brilliant.
Since it's titled a royal wedding, if that's the dress Meghan wears tomorrow, all of you owe me $5. If it's not the dress she wears, I don't owe y'all anything because it's a Christmas wedding, so it doesn't count.
That's why her lower back ruffle is so big. It's full of secrets!
Thank God these brides were given those lacy little shawls while in 6 ft of snow. Now they'll survive the winter. Well, that's all for this bridal edition. Bless these fashion designers for reading our books, and then clearly making dresses to match our covers. I hope you enjoyed this, and the royal wedding tomorrow! If you saw any other book cover-to-fashion-show comparisons, please let us know below or in the comment section of our Facebook page. Stay tuned for next time! Allison is queen among mere peasants. Coming to us from the holy land that is Southern Living, she's a full-time publicist, full-time fashionista, and full-time mother. You can catch her giving Julia Childs a run for her money in the kitchen, or selling you on a historical romance so quick it'll make your head spin. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of Spring Brides, Winter Brides, The Wedding Dress, The Wedding Shop, and A Royal Christmas Wedding.
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