The Case for Audiobooks as AMAZING Christmas Gifts

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Admit it: we’ve all been there, pulling out our hair around December 22nd, trying to figure out what would be the best thing for Uncle Raymond or Aunt Louise’s Christmas gift, because FRANKLY you can’t get them the same power tool and/or piece of jewelry that you got them last year. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, your mom has been there, we have all literally been there before. I know everyone swears that they have found the perfect gift solution for this, and this is probably why gift card sales are bonkers at this time of year. For example, if you’re anything like me, the internal conversation goes something like:
Me: Lord have mercy, I have no idea what Dad really wants this year, and if I get him another tie, I’m 99% sure he’ll disown me. Angel on your right side: Be creative! Get him something he actually wants, but has no idea that he wants. Be that intuitive, awesome person you totally are, or at least think you are! Devil on left side: Yeah, forget all that. He likes food, right? Get him a restaurant gift card and you’ll be fine. Me: Yeahhhh… gift card it is!

But recently I have come up with the perfect solution: Audiobooks!

Hear me out on this, because I swear this is the greatest Christmas gift. For example, Aunt Louise has bad eyesight but she’s a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey? There is a TON of audiobooks that will read to her all about Downton Abbey history. Or you can get her a novel set in post-Edwardian England and she'll be transported to her favorite time period. BOOM, instantly, you are the greatest niece in the entire flipping world. Or, Uncle Raymond isn’t a “big reader” (his words, not mine). But he does like listening to the radio while tinkering around in the garage. Also, you just happen to know that his favorite musician is Charlie Daniels. Well, get ready to change his life, because he’s about to get the Charlie Daniels’ audiobook Never Look at the Empty Seats and listen to an amazing story while still getting to hang out in the garage because he doesn’t want to watch Downton Abbey with Aunt Louise. And guess what? You’re “I’m not a reader” Uncle just read a book without even knowing it. AMAZING. And my Dad? I made him an audiobook listener years ago, so it’s kind of a no-brainer this year.

See? Aren’t audiobooks a certain kind of magic?

Need some audiobook gift-giving inspiration? Check out this playlist of different audiobooks and see which one might be the perfect gift for that “what in the world am I going to get them?” person on your Christmas list:
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