Decluttering at the Speed of Memes

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Dana K. White is a treasure. Her facebook handle says it all, A Slob Comes Clean

She is funny and forgiving and if you are anything like me and just can't seem to stay organized, Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff you NEED this book. This book hits me right in my lazy bones, I pop my head phones in and start cleaning up as Dana makes me laugh and get the clutter out of my mental and physical spaces...v important when you are living AND working all in the same space...

Here is a collection of Pop Culture's favorite overzealous organizers. A meager offering to my new queen of clean, Dana K. White and her book.

First and foremost, Monica Geller...

Leslie Knope! While her home may be a hoarder's den, her penchant for binders makes these memes a proper offering...


 Last but not least, the King of Neat, Danny Tanner!


Even these cleaning greats had to start somewhere. From one slob to another, check out her website and her book:


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