Rating Books with Emojis: A Proposal

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In honor of World Emoji Day, I have a new book review idea to propose: emoji ratings. Similar to the Facebook reaction system, the emoji rating system would have you to assign an emoji rather than a star rating to your book. When you start browsing for your next book, you could use other people’s emoji ratings to help you find the perfect read for your current mood. And I mean, who doesn’t love emojis? (No one. The answer is no one.) Reasons this would be helpful:
  1. It's more nuanced than a star rating
  2. There's no chance of spoilers
  3. You can quickly find that inspiring, insert emoji here> title for your next read
Here are some examples:

A Love Letter Life by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

a-love-letter-life-cover world emoji day emoji ratingsThis book is adorable. Everything from first date to first kiss to their favorite spot by a trestle bridge (I mean, come on, is there anything more romantic than having a secret spot in nature?). If ever a book fell in to the heart emoji category, this is it.

🤣 The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy

the wondering years world emoji day emoji ratingsY’all, this book is hilarious. Seriously, I was listening to it in public, laughing out loud and getting strange looks, and I didn’t care. It was that funny. Pop culture + faith + Knox’s flawless sense of humor makes this one of the best books I’ve read this year. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a light-hearted read that deals with big questions and small questions and completely silly questions all at the same time.

😮 Misfit Table by Tiffani Kilgore

misfit table world emoji day emoji ratingsThis beautiful book tells Tiffani’s story of learning to trust God to lead her out of some really difficult situations. It is written in absolutely gorgeous prose, almost poetry at times, and I couldn’t put it down. This mesmerizing story of grace, forgiveness, and redemption definitely deserves the “wow” emoji. If you want to be inspired, this is where it’s at.

😢 I Give Up by Laura Story

I give up world emoji day emoji ratingsWhen I use the sad emoji, it’s in the bittersweet vein of sad. (Is this use subjective? Definitely. Does this make using emoji ratings more difficult? Maybe, but shh . . .) This is an amazing story of God meeting us in our heartache and unexpected trials. It’s beautiful and tragic and hopeful and gives you all the feels.

🤔 Shrewd Samaritan by Bruce Wydick

shrewd samaritan world emoji day emoji ratings Here is a book that definitely makes you think. Bruce outlines ways to donate wisely to philanthropic causes with the goal of optimizing poverty-intervention outcomes. This book helps you to dive deeper into the best ways for you to give back, both by looking into the best concepts and by helping you think through your current giving. It’s a great read for people who like to analyze everything. 🙋

Am I onto something, or are emoji ratings one of those things I should quit forcing? You can let me know in the comments!giphy.com world emojis day emoji ratings

P.S. If you do think this is an awesome idea, please share your favorite book/emoji pairing below!

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