Four Reasons You Need These Season Editions of Classics

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Are you ready for some AMAZING news? We have some gorgeous new editions of classics for you. I know you may be thinking you already have ten well-worn and well-read copies of (insert classic, any classic, here) and why on earth would you need another one, but don't worry. I can change your mind with four reasons you must get these Season Editions of classics. Each season, a selection of four limited editions of your favorite classics will be on sale, with the books tied to their respective season. Today, we're highlighting the Summer Seasons editions of Jane Eyre, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Persuasion, and The Wonderland Collection. Prepare your eyeballs for some literary magic. 

1. The design

Just look at the awe-inspiring beauty. It's like reading a book drenched in lace! The case is textured with foil stamping and a season-related quote on the back cover. The jacket is designed by the amazing, award-winning Kate Armstrong to evoke the feeling of the season in the book, and the paper is laser cut to add depth and magic to the physical touch of the book. Can you resist the urge to run your fingers over these precisely cut covers? Just look at the detail in the cover for  Jane Eyre; can you find Charlotte Bronte's name in the tree branches? It took me a minute to see it. 

2. The exclusivity

Only 10,000 copies of each book are being printed and distributed, and each copy is numbered. They're all first editions, and no further copies will be printed. I mean, isn't that enticing enough? Here's a sticker of the 100th copy of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with fun endsheets that look like tree bark. 

3. The bookmark

Each copy of the Summer Seasons Classics Editions comes with a gorgeous laser-cut bookmark matching the book's cover design—because you can't have a good book without a good bookmark! I am too in awe of this one that pairs with Jane Austen's Persuasion and would definitely be afraid of dirtying it with my grubby hands. But, gosh, just look at it. The books also have a ribbon bookmark with matching laser-cut design, so if you wanted to, like, frame this extra bookmark, that's an option, too. Just throwing that out there. 

4. The timelessness

They're classics for a reason, you know. These stories live on forever and are the ones that get passed down through generations. Make sure to sign your name or leave a note for someone on the endsheets, so future generations will know who first laid their hands—and eyes—on this gorgeous edition of Lewis Carroll's The Wonderland Collection. Painting the roses red, eh? 

Okay. Did I convince you? How about this: They are only $34.99. That's a lot of value packed into a small price tag. These special editions of classics are meant to make your bookshelves shine and carry on the legacy of a love of reading. You know what to do. 


W recommend organizing these bad boys by's a glorious rainbow. Read on Page Chasers! 

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