Audiobooks I "Groundhog" AKA Shamelessly Repeat

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I want to say: Happy Groundhog Day! Because Groundhog Day seems cheerful and cute and joyful, right? But that groundhog saw his shadow so that means six more weeks of winter, and me and winter? We do not mix. I know that getting excited about scarfs and lattes and the coziness of a wood-burning fire is the thing you’re supposed to do, but the fact of the matter is that winter is (in my mind) actually and truly about dry skin and freezing fingers and gray skies.
groundhog day, Groundhog = cute but potential bad news (small) bear He looks cute, but today he was the bearer of the worst news.
But what Groundhog Day DOES inspire me to do is to look back on some audiobooks that I have unapologetically listened to over and over again. I mean, if we’re repeating winter for another six weeks, then l should at least have permission to repeat some audiobooks during those six weeks of gloomy days. Can we make "groundhog" the next cool hip, Gen. Z phrase? I want to move passed "stan." What? We can't? Because we just used the word "hip?" That's on me. So, here’s my recommendations of audiobooks that I could totally put on repeat and love forever:

Solo by Kwame Alexander, with Mary Rand Hess

I don’t care who you are, this book is going to put you in a good mood. Written by the master himself of prose-poetry, Kwame Alexander just knows how to deliver characters you feel like you know, some stunning imagery, and some super funny bits and pieces found throughout the entire book. And I lurve the audiobook because it is A) Read by Kwame himself, and he totally knows how to inflect and make the lyricism of the book come alive and B) There’s original music by Randy Preston found throughout it, so it’s truly a unique listening experience.

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

If you’re feeling the chronic winter blues, take a trip to the warm Mongolian Desert, saddle up with the cutest dog to walk the planet, and also have the benefit of listening to someone running a marathon without actually have to run one yourself! I love Finding Gobi because of its heart, the delightful Australian accent of narrator Simon Bubb, and the fact that it’s just a dern good story. Perfect for avoiding a day where it’s raining a freezing rain and you’re stuck indoors (again).

The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

Listen: anything by Katherine Reay makes me so happy, so you’re good to go with any of her fabulous audiobooks. But I have been jamming with The Austen Escape lately because it’s just so charming, and it takes place kinda-sorta in Regency England (you gotta read it to understand). This one is great for when you’ve got to scrape the ice off your car in the morning and you know you’ve got a cold commute into work or school: are least you’ll be hanging out with some relatable characters who love Jane Austen as much as you (and I) do. Want more audiobooks recs? Check out the Page Chaser Audio page! HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of Solo, Finding Gobi, and The Austen Escape.
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