How to Take Control of Your Fear to Follow Your Dreams: Advice from Rebecca Minkoff

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It ain't easy being a luxury fashion mogul and social activist, but Rebecca Minkoff sure makes it look that way. Her new book, Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success, is a collection of strategies that helped her on her way to success in business and in life in general. She's basically an expert on the topic, after hosting the Superwomen podcast where she lets influential women tell their stories. And if you're not familiar with her work, peep her Instagram for snapshots of her gorgeous handbags. 

Here are some of my favorite nuggets of advice from Fearless that I'm going to do my best to incorporate into my real life! 

Change is inevitable and enviable

Even if you think what you're doing or creating is perfect, and the people who love you agree, don't be afraid of change. When Minkoff tried to sell one of her best-performing handbags to an iconic showroom, she was annihilated by the buyer's critiques. She'd heard nothing but love for the bag until that moment. But she took the buyer's advice, made some adjustments, and came back with an even better handbag and her work displayed in a showroom she always admired. It's scary, but it's often the main road on the path to success. 

Ask for what you need

For real. A general yelp for help is not going to get you anywhere, but being specific might. Minkoff is often approached by people looking to follow her career path, asking for a few minutes to chat about how they can get there, too. But she declines these offers. It's not because she doesn't want to help people! It's because her story won't necessarily apply to others. If the questions are more direct—what do you look for when you're hiring?—then a conversation can happen. This applies to all kinds of help, be it for a quick ride to the store or a time-consuming favor. 

There's always enough success to go around

This is a big one. Yes, there's always competition to get to the top. But not everyone is a direct competitor to you. You don't need to worry about someone who works in another industry! Set aside the ugly envy and celebrate the successes of others. Optimism looks better than jealousy, and the energy of the positivity you surround yourself with will shine brightly. 

You have more to offer than you might think

Put another way, pay attention to what things you make time for and what things you blow off or ignore entirely. Focus on the things that matter, and keep showing up to those things. For Minkoff, that looked like volunteering at an art gallery every day of the week after her already-low-paying job. It was important to her to make those connections at the gallery, so she made time for it. Look closely at your daily life and decide if it's more important to you to spend quality time with your loved ones or to scroll endlessly through strangers' posts on TikTok. 

No one is timing you

Oof. This is the one I really needed to hear. Taking shortcuts doesn't mean the outcome will be better or even take less time, necessarily. When you take shortcuts—bypassing highway traffic by taking the backroads, perhaps—you'll most likely end up stuck behind a tractor or some other nonsense. Stick to the original path, even if it looks arduous and like you'll never get through. The journey is part of the destination, after all. 


If even a single one of these statements speaks to you, do yourself a favor and pick up Rebecca Minkoff's Fearless. It'll help you turn your path toward one of optimum success.

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