July Book Haul

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Greetings, friends of Page Chaser! Summer is in full swing and the weather is HOT - in fact, much too hot. Certainly too hot to be outside. That's why you'll find us inside, curled up with a good book. If you're participating in our Summer Reading Challenge , or just looking for a book to get you through the heatwave, this is for you:

We are excited to bring you our first ever book haul!

Here's how it works:
  • Each month, we'll post a video to our Page Chaser YouTube channel of us chatting about a few books we're loving
  • Then, we'll share a blog post with the video and everything you need to learn more about the books we feature

Watch our July Book Haul below:

This month, Chaser Allison is sharing some of our favorite new books:

All My Friends Have Issues by Amanda Anderson

The Seven Longest Yards by Chris and Emily Norton

Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley

Stars of Alabama by Sean Dietrich

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giphy.com july book haul If you need me this Summer, here's where I'll be.
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