Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants

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Adulting. Let’s face it—it’s really, really hard. You have to do your taxes, figure out what an insurance deductible is, and find someone to fix your broken appliances without tearing your hair out. last minute mother's day gifts, easy mother's day gifts, original mother's day gifts, so much to celebrate Personally, one of the hardest parts of being an adult has been making tough choices. And my toughest choice was moving away from home. Holidays are the hardest to stomach, especially the smaller ones that are hard to grab a plane ticket for. Namely: Mother's Day. Sure, I can send a card. Sure, I can call. But, it’s not the same. And now Mother's Day is tomorrow. So, with that in mind, I'm curated a list of some last-minute Mother's Day gifts that work for folks like me -- far away -- and those lucky enough to be in proximity to their mothers. I’m tabling these for the future.

Last minute Mother's Day Gifts:

Work It Out

Before our Thanksgiving meal one year, when my parents and I were in the throes of the Paleo diet, we went on a walk together before digging into the food. If you're with your mom on Mother's Day, invite her mom on a walk. Ask about her life! Ask about her childhood, her hopes and dreams, or whatever is going on in her day-to-day. Moms spend so much time focusing on other people, let her talk about her for a change! If you're far away, consider going in a diet or exercise routine together. Then, even through the distance, you'll be bonded by your mutual suffering.

Give Back Together

Perhaps you show Mom that one of the most valuable lessons she imparted to you was to be grateful for all you have. How about you give back to others together—at a homeless shelter, at a women’s shelter, or at a local nonprofit. What is she passionate about, and how can you be of service to others based on that passion? You’ll feel great because you made an impact on someone else’s life and created a special memory together. Far away? Consider making a donation to her favorite charity in her name. You definitely don't have to wait on shipping for that one.


What I hear so much from my friends who are parents (especially those with small children) is that they literally never have a moment to themselves. Parenting is an intense, full-time gig! So, how about you give your mom one of the most valuable things you can give—peace and quiet? This is easy to do whether you're there or not. Pamper her by providing her with some true R&R—think a facial, massage, or hotel gift card. Get her a manicure. If your mom is still the mom to a lot of small ones, scoop 'em up after a nice meal together and let that woman nap.

Treat Yo Self

Nothing rejuvenates the soul and mind like an update to your style…amiright? last minute mother's day gifts, easy mother's day gifts, original mother's day gifts, so much to celebrate Take your mom shopping and refresh her wardrobe. Maybe you could swing by the makeup counter at a department store and try the newest makeup colors and products. You could also treat her to a haircut or color. If you're not there, you could sign her up for a clothing subscription she'd like; there's only about one hundred different options out there. Moms do so much, and they deserve to feel like the beautiful, special, unique and amazing individuals they are. *Author Note: Ideas 1-4 would be perfectly paired with a long brunch or lunch. Girls gotta eat, after all. last minute mother's day gifts, easy mother's day gifts, original mother's day gifts, so much to celebrate

Go Fancy

last minute mother's day gifts, easy mother's day gifts, original mother's day gifts, so much to celebrate In Katie Jacobs’ book, So Much to Celebrate, she talks about throwing a special Mother’s Day Tea to celebrate multiple generations of amazing women in her family. The color scheme is darling and it feels very old-school and fancy, with finger sandwiches, pastries, and lovely, light décor. If throwing an elaborate tea feels daunting to you, perhaps team up with some girlfriends and make it a team effort! Someone can be in charge of drinks, another person in charge of a main course, and someone else could be in charge of desserts. You’d get to hang out with the ladies you love, and maybe your moms even become new “mom friends.” If you're not there, and you know your mom loves to host, send her a copy! I mean, it's a dang beautiful book. Whatever you do, remember to make Mother’s Day about her. Word on the street is that being a mom is a thankless job, and sometimes, you just need to come out and say “thanks, Mom. I could never begin to repay you for all you have done for me.” Stefanie, one of three marketer/publicists with the same name, hopes to one day be Queen of the Steph(f)anies. When she is not plotting this, she loves going to hip-hop/dance classes, attending live theatre, and being generally wonderful. She is a self-proclaimed book hoarder. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of So Much to Celebrate.
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