Listening Inspiration to Help You Actually Finish NaNoWriMo This Year

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Have signed up to participate in NaNoWriMo and are already egregiously behind in your word count? If you’re like me, maybe you need some inspiration (let's just say, I still need 5k word count badge). I’ve been listening to Amena Brown’s How to Fix a Broken Record audiobook and let me tell you… inspiration will hit you from so many different directions. First, Amena narrates this herself, and she totally keeps it real. From her grandmother not letting her cheat at Scrabble to her hiding the fact that she is writing at Waffle House from her husband, this is her story, and you definitely feel every emotion that she puts into it. Second, it's equal parts funny and insightful, and the writing? The writing is *italian chef kiss* perfection. But, if you need some words of wisdom that speak in particular to the angst that comes with NaNoWriMo writer’s block, let me help. This passage from Amena Brown’s newest masterpiece of an audiobook will definitely have you excited about finding your writing voice and putting that voice into good use. And, so you don’t have to procrastinate any more on those NaNoWriMo words. Just hit play and listen to this chapter from the How to Fix a Broken Record audiobook. Start feeling the words flow, and now… go write that future best-selling novel! You can do this!

Start listening to this special audio inspiration from Amena Brown's How to Fix a Broken Record:

NaNoWriMo friends, wanna grab your copy of How to Fix a Broken Record? Check these places out to start listening:

Audible | Christian Audio | Libro.Fm | Overdrive
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