National Filled Donut Day: Pick a Donut, Get an Audiobook

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Happy National Filled Donut Day!

If you do not want to celebrate this holiday, you are wrong.

donut day Celebrate this holiday, dangit.
And if you’re not celebrating National Filled Donut Day, let me fix that for you: I’ve put together a list of the best of the best of filled donuts and paired them with a book. What is that you say? Your hands are too busy eating to read a book? Never fear, I’ve also got audiobook clips of each book for you to listen to, so go ahead: have two donuts, one for each hand. We will not judge.

Pick a Donut, Get a Book Rec

Strawberry-filled Donut

Sweetness stacked on sweetness is your game. You think life would just be better if we were all a little kinder and gentler with each other. And you know? You’re not wrong. And you know what pairs well with that delicious Strawberry-filled goodness? A very sweet romance. May I suggest Denise Hunter’s You’re Gonna Love Me? Pure, adorable, small-town romance is waiting for you in this lovely novel. Dare I say… You’re Gonna Love This Novel? Or is that going too far?

Chocolate-cream Donut

You’re looking for something rich, a donut with some real oomph. If this is the donut of your dreams, you’ll want to unpack Rachel Held Evans’s Inspired. Each section will make you think differently about the Bible stories that you grew up listening to. Trust us: this is a book with that oomph you’re looking for.

Boston Cream Donut

You are all about the classics. And why not? It’s a classic for a reason: it’s flipping delicious. If you’re looking for something traditionally awesome, why not settle down with these stories from A Vintage Christmas? You can listen to stories from the likes of Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Louisa May Alcott.

Spiced Pear

Ooh… look at you. You like to live a little dangerously with your donut decisions. Your decision? Both delicious and adventurous. Your style might pair perfectly with a thriller, one with a little kick in the plot. If you’re wanting a book with a little danger, maybe check out Cara Putman’s Delayed Justice. I hope this national holiday brings you much joy. And if you’ve never heard of National Filled Donut Day – use this new knowledge and TREAT YOURSELF. Guess what? This isn't our first pair-food-with-books rodeo. Check out these other posts for more food-book fusion goodness:
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