National Ice Cream Day: If Celebrity Memoirs Were Baskin Robbins Flavors

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Happy National Ice Cream Day!

What better way to celebrate than with a tasty treat and the inside scoop from some of your favorite celebrities? We’ve paired some celebrity memoirs with the Baskin Robbins flavors that best represent them, because . . . well, honestly, because some of these puns were just too good to pass up. Move over, beach reads; all the cool kids are taking their tomes to the ice cream shop. Disclaimer: No tubs of ice cream were licked in the creation of this post. National ice cream day celebrity memoirs Time to dig in!

racing-to-the-finish- national ice cream day celebrity memoirsBook: Racing to the Finish by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Ice cream flavor: Rocky Road

It’s the obvious metaphor for Earnhardt’s struggle to recover from multiple concussions, a journey that ultimately allowed him to end his NASCAR career on his own terms. Plus, you have to admit that anyone who gets a thrill from going 200 MPH has to be just a little bit nutty.

What’s the real scoop?

In 2018, Dale’s wife, Amy, who was pregnant at the time, took him to task on Twitter for eating the rest of her coconut almond gelato before hopping a flight to South Korea to cover the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang—making him perhaps the OG when it comes to ice-cream-related shenanigans.

The Magnolia Story National Ice Cream Day Celebrity MemoirsBook: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip

I mean, come on—the guy’s name is Chip. This classic flavor also fits in perfectly with Joanna’s design aesthetic; it even looks a little like her beloved shiplap. (If someone doesn’t start production on a Magnolia-branded Chocolate Chip-lap flavor like yesterday, what even are we doing here?)

What’s the real scoop?

Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Table restaurant avoids the easy pun; rather than chocolate chip, their ice cream of choice is vanilla bean, served with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

Perfectly You National Ice Cream Day Celebrity MemoirsBook: Perfectly You by Mariana Atencio

Ice cream flavor: Miami Vice Sorbet

This blend of strawberry daiquiri and piña colada sorbets is as refreshing and bold as Atencio herself. Plus, Miami features heavily in Mariana’s rise to being named one of the top young journalists in America’s newsrooms.

What’s the real scoop?

If you find yourself in Miami, Mariana recommends the Azucar Ice Cream Company, whose unique flavors include café con leche (cuban coffee and Oreo), el mani loco (crazy peanut), and platano madurdo (sweet plantain).

Us Against the World National Ice Cream Day Celebrity memoirsBook: Us Against the World by David and Tamela Mann

Ice cream flavor: Love Potion #31

The Manns’ heart for healthy marriage shines through their candid and fun-loving memoir. What better way to illustrate their passion than with a marriage of white chocolate and raspberry ice creams topped off with chocolate-covered raspberry hearts?

What’s the real scoop?

Don’t confuse the multi-talented entertainer David Mann with his name twin; in March 2019, Dunkin’ Brands (Baskin Robbins’s parent company) named a different David Mann as senior vice president and chief legal officer.

Finish First National Ice Cream Day Celebrity MemoirsBook: Finish First by Scott Hamilton

Ice cream flavor: Gold Medal Ribbon

Okay, technically this book is more self-help than memoir, but a gold-medal ice cream for an Olympic gold medalist’s book about how to win in your own life? We’ll give that a perfect 6.0 (or a +5 GOE, for all you figure skating nerds who are up-to-date on the latest rule changes in the sport). This vanilla-and-chocolate ice cream with a caramel ribbon is clearly the choice for champions.

What’s the real scoop?

In an appearance on Dr. Oz, Hamilton revealed that he gave up sugar to address his various health concerns, but he described himself as a huge fan of Jeni’s Ice Cream. So there you have it: 5 celebrity memoirs as ice cream flavors! If you loved this adventure in ice cream trivia, take our quiz to get a recommended book based on your ideal ice cream sundae! National ice cream day celebrity memoirs

What other celebrity memoirs can be summed up by an ice cream flavor?? Tell us in the comments!

Meaghan Porter is a trained tap dancer, a gymnastics and figure skating enthusiast, and a senior editor at W Publishing Group. She is also wife to Jared and the source of gravity in the world to five-year-old Abby. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. (HCCP) Operates Page Chaser, and is the publisher of Racing to the Finish, The Magnolia Story, Perfectly You, Us Against the World, and Finish First.
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