What Type of Reader Are You Based On Your Choice in Soft Pretzel?

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Today is National Pretzel Day. Carb lovers, unite! Do you love your bread twisted and dunked in butter and salt? Covered in cheese and meats? Perhaps you love a sweet pretzel covered in cinnamon and sugar? This pretzel quiz will reveal all! No matter your preference, there's a pretzel for you. And with your pretzel preference, we'll reveal your reading habits! Do you devour books as quickly as you do a bucket of Auntie Ann's pretzel bites? Do you like to savor your books, like a fancy hipster pretzel you just paid $12 for? Or are you an occasional reader, partaking in a book around once or twice a year -- usually prompted by a wonderful, made-up holiday? No matter your pretzel preferences, this pretzel quiz will reveal your soul!

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