Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice (aka The Great Pumpkin Contest)

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It’s fun things time! And since it’s THAT time of year, this is your official pumpkin pie challenge. Thanksgiving is about so many things: being thankful for all the things, grateful for all the people, and acknowledging all the blessings in life. But we can’t forget the turkey, the stuffing, the football and, of course, the fan favorite…pumpkin pie! So, if you’re a history nerd like me, you’ve always wondered what that first Thanksgiving was like. Who was there? What were they wearing, because I really don’t believe what “they” told me in middle school. What did they actually eat?

That’s where our pumpkin pie challenge comes in!

pumpkin pie challengeOur resident Thanksgiving expert, Jay Milbrandt, author of They Came for Freedom, is going to tell you more in a minute, but here are the Pumpkin Pie Challenge basics:

  1. Share a pic of a pumpkin pie you've made or would like to try to make. Can you imagine what it was like to make a “pumpkin pie” using only ingredients that the pilgrims would have had access to?
  2. HINT: Jay might have a video floating around out there with a recipe, if you need one! (see below)
  3. Post photos to Instagram or Facebook of your pumpkin pie with the hashtags #PumpkinPieChallenge, #SweepstakesEntry, and tag us at Page Chaser (Instagram or Facebook). You have until November 24th at 11:59 p.m. CST to post.
  4. Three winners will be selected at random for a copy of They Came for Freedom by Jay.
And now, here’s Jay: May the pumpkins be ever in your favor. Or is it something about the Great Pumpkin? Harry Pumpkins and the Sorcerer’s Pie? That’s not it. Can we just eat some pie already?!? Jay's Pumpkin Pie Recipe HERE Official Rules HERE Sara Broun is a contributor to Page Chaser, publicist extraordinaire, avid Outlander critic, and friend who will bring donuts when you are having a bad day. Since she doesn't want strangers following her on social media, you can keep up with her and all our contributors through Instagram or Facebook. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. operates Page Chaser, the publisher of They Came for Freedom.
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