What if Rachel Hollis Quotes Were Motivational Posters?

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Have you heard of Rachel Hollis? Unless you've lived under a social internet rock for the last few months, you're familiar with our queen. Rachel Hollis is a gem, the Leslie Knope of our world, with receipts to prove it: she's been bunkered down on top of every feasible bestseller list. She is awash with great advice, and Rachel Hollis quotes are a treasure. We have collected them, and put them to cheesy motivational posters. What could be a better combination?

Rachel Hollis quotes for every occasion:

rachel hollis quotes rachel hollis quotes rachel hollis quotes rachel hollis quotes rachel hollis quotes rachel hollis quotes rachel hollis quotes You deserve it, because you are a beautiful tropical fish. You're smart as a whip and you're cool under pressure. If you're looking for more books like Girl, Wash Your Face, check out our list of books for every relationship stage or book compliments. Rachel Hollis, girl wash your face If you need more spectacular inspiration / laughs / the written equivalent of a hug and a brisk but affectionate shoulder shake, check out Rachel's newest book: Girl, Wash Your Face.
Lifestyle expert Rachel Hollis is the founder of the popular lifestyle website TheChicSite.com and is the CEO of her media company, Chic Media. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four children.
HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of Girl, Wash Your Face.
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