Reading Goals for the New Year: Audiobook Style

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Ahhh, the smell of a new year: full of possibilities, rife with ambition, and still fresh with the idea that you can accomplish all those things that you totally didn’t do last year. And what is one of my favorite goals I set for myself every new year? A shiny, new reading goal. Of course.

Live footage of me sliding into the new year with my #ReadingGoals

Last year, I joined the Page Chaser crew to tackle the PopSugar Reading Challenge. And you know what? I actually did the dang thing (disclaimer: the Advanced Section was not touched, but I regret nothing).

For 2020, I searched high and low for an audiobook-specific reading goals challenge and…

It doesn’t really exist?

This is a tragedy, so I decided to put together my own list of audiobooks reading goals for the new year.

So, without further ado, here are my 2020 Audiobook Reading Goals:

Check out more “audio originals”

I’m intrigued by the growing number of audiobooks that are releasing that don’t have a print companion. AKA This title exists in audio only. I love that you can experiment and do cool things with audio: want nine people talking with sound effects? You can do it. Want it to sound like a podcast? Also an option. The possibilities are endless, I wanna be there for all those possibilities in 2020.

Reading Goals BML Podcast
An audio original I loved last year!

Experiment with full-cast audiobooks

I am fully aware that full cast does not necessarily mean it’s an amazing audiobook, but I’m ready to dive into more audiobooks that have a multitude of people as the characters within the book. Last year, I listened to Illuminae and LAWD I was blown away. I’d like to see how other audiobooks handle a full-cast narration without it sounding scattered and confusing (because it totally could).

Listen to a classroom-style audiobook for the first time

I’ve already fully disclaimed I am a nerd, so it comes as no surprise that I want to try out some audiobooks that take place in lecture halls or have the feeling of being in class, but all without the pressure of pop quizzes and GPAs. From North American Native American history to an in-depth dive into Kierkegaard, there’s all kind of cool things to learn from these unique-style audiobooks.

Finish an. Entire. Audio. Bible.

True story, I have never finished an entire audio bible from beginning to end. And there’s some AMAZING audio Bibles out there that make listening so immersive and wonderful. Why I haven’t listened? No idea, but I assume the 60+ hour run-time has intimidated me in the past. But I’m going to do it in 2020, I shall not be deterred.

Use as many audiobooks as possible to finish the PopSugar challenge.

This year, I’m finishing the Advanced Section. Try and stop me.

What about you? Do you have any audiobook reading goals for 2020?

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