Bring These Audiobooks on Your Spring Road Trip

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So guess what, y’all? It is officially SPRING. Gone are the days of huddling under piles of clothing. Gone are the days of the sun setting way before what should be a logical, reasonable time. Gone are the moments when you realize that you are – quite frankly – over the magic of a good snowfall. Because it is officially SPRING! Unless we get another nor’easter and then everything is totally ruined.
road trip, If another one of these nor'easters come sidling up again, me and the weather are officially not friends. If another one of these nor'easters come sidling up again, me and the weather are officially not friends.
A Spring tradition that we cannot ignore is the Spring Trip road trip. Since you’ve been cramped inside for the past couple of months, it’s only natural to get the heck outta dodge and go enjoy the open road, sunshine, and the fact that you don’t have to wear a parka every second of your living existence.

The perfect companion to a road trip?

Well, your BFF of course. But after that, it’s gotta be an audiobook. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, that’s how the road trip guidelines go: Bring 1) A cool person and 2) An awesome audiobook. And – lucky you – I’ve accumulated a list of my favorite audiobooks for basically… everyone? Scroll down, find the kind of story you might be into and guess what? There’s an audiobook there that will totally accompany you and your besties on a breakneck journey for freedom from cold weather.

Love Science Fiction?

If you totally were first in line to go see Ready Player One in theatres, get ready to meet your new audiobook BFF: Mary Weber’s The Evaporation of Sofi Snow.

Mystery/Thriller fan?

Bailey Madison’s Losing Brave will have you literally at the edge of your seat, and her narrating the book adds that certain je ne sais quoi.

You’ve listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack a million times

Infuse some more spoken-word-mixed-with-awesome-music into your life and start listening to Kwame Alexander’s Solo.

Fairytales are your thing

Give you a world with castles, brave knights, spunky heroines, and a dragon or two, and you are straight up in your happy place. If that's true for you, you’re gonna need to start listening to Melanie Dickerson STAT. I’m particularly in love with The Silent Songbird:

You love to dive into new worlds

If you’re looking to discover a whole, new universe (that feels vaguely like our own), then Sara Ella’s Unblemished series will be your new favorite thing. Now that you have audiobook fuel for your road trip… go forth and conquer the beautiful new season (and enjoy not wearing a coat)! Trying to figure out where to pick up these audiobooks? Check out our post for How to Listen to Free (or Cheap!) Audiobooks.
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