Sip, Sip, Hooray! Celebrate International Coffee Day!

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Looking to jazz up your usual cuppa joe? Whatever your preferences may be—hot or iced, sweet or strong, brewed by pod or French press or pour-over—exploring the world of coffee through a new lens is a lovely way to inspire a little adventure in your mornings. In honor of International Coffee Day on October 1, we’ve compiled six fun suggestions for celebrating this specialty beverage (not that we need another reason to drink it, of course!) while adding an espresso-sized shot of delight into your life.

Make an old brew new again
At some point during the pandemic, you may have heard of the fancy dalgona whipped coffee drink. Or maybe you’ve seen the newest trend: Japanese-style flash-chilled coffee, which some say surpasses cold brew. Perhaps a strong, sturdy brew à la traditional Turkish coffee or tried-and-true Italian cappuccino is more your jam. Have fun making one, or all, of these drinks at home!

Build your local coffee community
Consider visiting a new-to-you roaster and/or coffee shop in your neighborhood. Supporting local and engaging with the folks who know their brew is a fantastic way to build community while satisfying your need for caffeine. Start a coffee club, where the group meets weekly to check out local coffee spots together. You might have a ranking system that you create as a group and/or participate in special tastings like some do with wine.

Get to know your beans
If you’re unsure of the term “single origin,” the differences between regional beans, or are looking for the real deal on Fair Trade certification, check out a podcast on the subject, like Filter Stories, which also has a special “A History of Coffee” segment. You might even consider creating a “coffee passport” where you stick the labels from different coffee brands, not unlike passport stamps, and where you document tasting notes and other notable facts.

Caffeinate your kitchen (and grill…and garden…)
Try consuming coffee in a non-drink form, as in a Vietnamese coffee popsicle, or a coffee balsamic fig glazed Fun fact: used coffee grounds (and filters!) are also great in the garden and can be used as compost, fertilizer, mulch, and more.

Gift a (metaphorical) overflowing cup
Coffee subscriptions are the ideal gift for coffee lovers of all kinds—including yourself! From the most affordable to the most convenient (as in, sustainable, single-serving “coffee pucks”), there’s something for everyone.

Relax with a good coffee read
Once you’ve settled in with your fancy coffee beverage of choice, sink into a comfy reading chair and dive into an appropriately themed novel about coffee. Or even better, start a coffee + book club with other aficionados! We’ve already offered some delectable coffee-themed menu items and fun activities, after all.

Here are two sweet coffee-themed reads to start:

Much Ado About a Latte by Kathleen Fuller is a charming romance set in the tiny town of Maple Falls (which is memorable in itself for its fun, quirky cast of characters). Anita Bedford and Tanner Castillo have been friends-with-secret-crushes since high school; they both work at the Sunshine Diner until a series of events leads them to become unexpected business rivals. You’ll find yourself asking: can their shared connection to coffee, perhaps, lead them to love? The second book in the Maple Falls series, Much Ado About a Latte is a heartwarming, feel-good read that would be perfect for an ongoing book club (though it can be read on its own as well).
Of Literature and Lattes by Katherine Reay is a book about renewal and redemption: a cozy yet complex romance featuring Alyssa Harrison, a broken woman returning home, and Jeremy Mitchell, a father and entrepreneur who moves to the small Midwestern town of Winsome for his daughter and for his dream of opening a coffee shop. Endearing and thought-provoking, Of Literature and Lattes offers a poignant reminder that no matter the season of life, forgiveness, like flavorful coffee, never goes out of style. The ideal book to be read alongside a freshly made latte!
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