Trent Shelton Quotes that Will Motivate You (+ Let Trent Shelton Read to You!)

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If you’re like me, sometimes Fridays feel like a wash. Your brain hurts from a week of work. You’re so very, very close to the weekend. And often there’s so much still left to do, you just want to give up rather than try to tackle something, anything! Dear friend, if this is how you feel, may I please introduce you to Trent Shelton.

Trent Shelton is like = That first cup of morning coffee + Your Empathetic BFF + a kick in your pants

Trent Shelton Trent Shelton tells it like it is!
If you’ve ever watched his videos, you know that Trent’s energy is contagious, and his life advice comes from his own life lessons that were dearly learned. Basically, he’s here to show you how to get it together not because he’s perfect, but because he knows what it is like to fail and get back up and work hard and finally succeed. His new book The Greatest You is about… well, being the greatest flippin’ you that you can be. The whole thing is chock full of sage advice and no-frills motivation.

So, if you need some Friday motivation, may I give to you some of my favorite quotes from Trent Shelton’s The Greatest You:

Trent Shelton Quote 1 Trent Shelton Quote 2 Trent Shelton Quote 3 Trent Shelton Quote 4 Let those quotes sink into your soul. Feels good, right? Also, if you’re looking for Trent Shelton to literally speak to your soul, you should check out The Greatest You audiobook. Trent narrates the audiobook himself, so you’ll get his can-do attitude directly in your ears:

What books do you use to get motivated? Do you have a favorite audiobook that inspires you to accomplish your goals?

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