Author Q&A: KC Undercover's Trinitee Stokes, author of Bold and Blessed

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Here’s a true fact: Trinitee Stokes is a delight.

If you’ve ever seen her on the TV show KC Undercover, you know her as the character of a no-nonsense humanoid J.U.D.Y. But even if Trinitee is as whip-smart as her television alter-ego, she’s cherry and enthusiastic in real life. Her new book, Bold and Blessed, just released on December 4th, and it’s both incredibly fun and insightful.
Trinitee Bold and Blessed, KC Undercover Bold and Blessed is out there, y'all!

From a funny story about wiping out while surfing or giving advice about how to really go after your goals and dreams, Trinitee’s voice in Bold and Blessed is authentic, upbeat, and totally genuine.

And, as your Page Chaser audiobook enthusiast, you KNOW I’m loving that Trinitee got to narrate her the audiobook edition of Bold and Blessed.
KC Undercover, Trinitee Stokes Trinitee recording her audiobook!
What’s even cooler? I got to chat with Trinitee about her new book, recording her first audiobook, and what is her go-to Karaoke song. Q: The audiobook for Bold and Blessed is totally awesome, and you can did a great job injecting your personality into the reading. What was it like to record the audiobook?
A: I had never done anything like this before. It took about two days to record the audiobook in the studio, and it was amazing to hear it out loud. I had a lot of fun!
Q: God has been a part of not only every step of your acting careers, but all kind of important moments, including even when you were born (Jolene’s note: there’s an incredible story about Trinitee’s birth in Bold and Blessed, and you should totally read it). How have you seen God working in your life recently?
A: Recently, writing Bold and Blessed and being an author are a huge thing that God is doing in my life right now. I’ve always wanted to be an author, and wanted my fans and readers to actually hear my story in my voice, and know about my Christian faith.
Q: You seem really close to your parents: what are some ways that you all connect even when you are so busy with your career?
A: Every Friday night, we do an activity together, and it can be anything, but it is designated family time. We have great communication too, because we are with one accord with God. They really are the foundation of my character, and I can talk to them about anything that I’m feeling.
Q: I love that being a young woman hasn’t stopped you from being bold. You’re a television star, preached in church, and are now an author of a book! What do you want to say to young women who struggle with being bold?
A: I think being a girl is all the more reason to be courageous! As a female, our confidence helps us stand out from the crowd. To me, being a female lets you be empowered to make your dreams come true!
Q: Okay, you talk about in your book some of your favorite things (and no-so-favorite things). So, I have a couple follow-up questions based on those favorite things: What’s your go-to karaoke song? What’s your favorite travel destination? What is your favorite food to bake?
A: Okay, so, favorite karaoke song is Beyonce’s Single Ladies – it always engages the crowd, and I can kill it with my friend singing with me. My favorite travel destination is London! I loved everything about it and the people were so great. And my favorite food to bake is cake and cookies, because I love to design… it’s like bringing my passion for fashion to the food that I’m making!
Q: I love the way you make goals: do your homework, make a list, and then say your goals out loud. What are some goals that you are working on right now?
A: Currently, I’m working on my very own TV show! (KC Undercover concluded in 2018.) Finishing Bold and Blessed was a HUGE goal for this year, so I’m proud of that accomplishment!

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