Who Wore it Better? NY Fashion Week Edition

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They say a classic never goes out of style. We’ve been following NY Fashion Week, and Regency period fashion is a major trend on the Fall-Winter 2018 runways. So, in honor of Fashion Weeks kicking off across the globe, we turned to the covers of some of our favorite Regency romance novels by Sarah E. Ladd for haute couture inspiration.

Who wore it better?

Look at the majesty. The grace. The strong shoulder ruffle. These ladies mean business.
Nobody puts baby in the corner, but I don't suppose that applies to models.
Whatever party these ladies are invited to, I want in. You can tell from their dresses that there will be some decadent chocolates involved.
See, you can tell these are both fictional stories, because no one looks that good in beige.
Nothing does it for me more than a muff. It completes every outfit. That is some bold plaid, but I think I'd wear it head-to-toe if I got in on that muff action. Well, that's all for this edition. I'm so glad fashion designers are really booking the runway. Yes, yes, I know. Hold your applause, please. Fashion Week ventures into London next week, so will the regency theme continue? Will they switch it up and channel the Amish? (Fingers crossed). What about Bridal fashion week? If you saw any other book cover-to-fashion-show comparisons, please let us know below or in the comment section of our Facebook page. Stay tuned for next time! Allison is queen among mere peasants. Coming to us from the holy land that is Southern Living, she's a full-time publicist, full-time fashionista, and full-time mother. You can catch her giving Julia Childs a run for her money in the kitchen, or selling you on a historical romance so quick it'll make your head spin. HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., operates Page Chaser, the publisher of The Curiosity Keeper, Dawn at Emberwilde, The Heiress of Winterwood, A Stranger at Fellsworth, and The Weaver's Daughter.
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