5 Reasons To Love the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire Audiobook

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Full disclaimer: Jen Hatmaker is one of my favorites. She won me over many years ago, but the Of Mess and Moxie audiobook made me an official fangirl. Not only is Jen always hilarious, but it was honestly the first time I heard one of my fellow women advocate to cut our other fellow women a break. Are our houses not picture-perfect examples of HGTV quality? Are you replaying that movie for the 15th time instead of doing a Pinterest-inspired craft with the children? You know what, that’s okay, sometimes you need to put the kids in daycare and get sushi for yourself, Mom.

No one had said anything like that to me. Or at least, not like that.

Jen Hatmaker was the first person who really spoke this message to my soul (and it resonated)... "Hey there friend: God didn’t make you to be anyone who you aren’t supposed to be, so cut yourself a freaking break."

It’s a simple message, I know. But something about Jen’s confessional and conversational style struck home with me. It was like getting coffee with a friend, not sitting through a sermon. And as a millennial that struggles with performance issues and a woman about to embark on parenthood, Jen’s message is exactly what I need.

Cut to her new book, Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire. Y’all: Jen does not stutter in this one. That core message is always true, but she has put even more mustard on it.

Fierce, Free and Full of Fire is about being unapologetically yourself because that is who 👏 God 👏 made 👏 you 👏 to 👏 be.

Literally, cutting yourself a break while also empowering yourself to just be your dang self is a calling from a higher power.

It’s bold, and it’s fierce. And I love it.

Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook is goals

I listened to the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook, and let me tell you, it is a journey. Honestly, this is one of those books where I might encourage you to budget for two copies, both the print and the audiobook. And you’re going to want to download the Reading Questions we put together for Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire.

Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook

But, if you need convincing why you should totally grab you a copy of the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook, I have put together a list of why this audiobook is incredible:

1. The message

I know, this is true of any version of the book that you receive, but hearing it read is a whole different experience. And Jen doesn’t hold back, she jumps right into it, and it’s about high-fiving all the saucy woman in her life. Buckle up, because your ears about to be taken on a journey.

2. Jen narrated the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook

If you’ve never experienced Jen’s narration of an audiobook, you’re gonna want to. She infuses every sentence with her personality. The Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook feels like a conversation between you and Jen. She gets you and is offering you her advice and her stories.

3. You are busy

I get it, being a woman can be so dang exhausting sometimes. You gotta work, you got the kiddos, women end up doing an uneven amount of housework, etc. Believe me, I totally get it. That is why the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook is a saving grace: you can listen to a chapter whilst making breakfast, getting that laundry done, or driving to work (writing this in the time of the pandemic, bless you, essential workers).

4. The bonus content, y’all

The Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook has TONS of bonus content. Jen even has to start the book with an intro about how much extra good stuff is in the book. Some of the bonus pieces are excerpts from interviews that Jen has had with names like Shauna Niequist and Hillary McBride. And the Pete Enns interview y’all? My jaw literally dropped with the truth bombs in there. It’s awesome, much applause.

5. The Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook is funny

If you don’t at least giggle when Jen Hatmaker’s compares her haircut in middle school to a “1985 softball coach” and describing phone cords to Gen Xers (whom we cherish and love), then please check your pulse. TBH, hearing Jen read her hilarious writing makes it even more funny. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and listen to chapter one on the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook and tell me I’m wrong:

I could keep preaching the takeaways and positives of the Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire audiobook for forever, but this is what you need to know: this book will preach, but also give you the feels. And you will laugh. It’s a truly a unique experience that only Jen Hatmaker could create.

Want to grab a copy? Check out all the editions here and make sure to download the Reading Questions.

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