Three Reasons to Try Audio Bibles

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Happy Good Friday, everyone!

Today, we’re taking the day to really reflect on the Easter story and what it means for us, the church, and for the entire world. Obviously, it’s a day for prayer and meditation, but reading the Bible might be the most important way to remember the significance of this weekend. I've found that a really great way to experience the Bible is through audio Bibles. Often, I can put this on while going on a walk and it’s like everything is enhanced: the world is more beautiful, the word of God is more powerful and I. Am. Focused. Never considered listening to an audio Bible? Here are just a few reasons to give them a try:

1. Audio Bibles are convenient

People are busy. Whether we like it or not, finding the time to sit down and focus your attention on Scripture is a challenge for busy people. An audio Bible allows you to use the small bits of time that you have to get into the Word. Whether on your daily commute, exercising, or even when washing dishes - listening to an audio Bible is a great way to reflect and refuel without the pressure of needing to set aside time that you struggle to find.

2. Audio Bibles provide a new way to experience Scripture

The cool thing about audio Bibles is the ability to hear the Bible is a whole new way, since there’s a million versions available in all the ways you could possibly imagine: full-cast, single-voice, dramatized, sound effects, full orchestral scores. Name it and there’s an audio Bible that’s got it. These elements do so much in making the Bible feel fresh and new and relevant again, whether you are hearing a verse for the first time or a beloved passage.

3. Audio Bibles build community

Of course you can always read the Bible out loud in a group, but audio Bibles provide a really fun and engaging way for families and small groups to hear Scripture - plus it eliminates the awkward consciousness that often comes with trying to read some of those complicated Bible names out loud. Families can gather and listen together at home or in the car, and use it to spark discussions with children and spouses. Church groups and small groups can also use audio Bibles to draw people into a time of Bible study and foster conversation. There are so many reasons to consider listening to audio Bibles, and Easter weekend is a great time to get started.

Find an Audio Bible you love by starting with my list of favorites:

Word of Promise Audio Bible – This one has a full cast with sound effects and music that really breathe life into the Bible in a whole new way. The Bible Experience Audio Bible – Some of the biggest names in the game narrate this audio Bible, including Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Angela Bassett. I could literally go on with hundreds of name and performers and it’s pretty much amazing. Hearing Blair Underwood read the Easter Story WILL give you chills, 100%. David’s Suchet’s Complete Audio Bible – David Suchet’s voice is too charming for words. Also, the man played Poirot, so he will always have a special place in my heart.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Good Friday and Peaceful and Hopeful Easter!

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