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Where are my millennial guys and gals? I know, I know you’re just as excited for the reunion of the Jonas Brothers as I am. If you say you’re not . . . it’s fine. We know you’re just a closeted fan. We can’t all be secure in our fandoms. Join us when you’re ready. Jonas Brothers Authors who made a comeback Us practicing our fangirl run
Because guys. It’s everything. After a six-year hiatus they have dropped two new singles, and they are just a good time. Not that we ever doubted a reunion would be a beautiful thing, but it’s reassuring that their newer adult sound didn’t disappoint. Other musical groups have decided to make a comeback this year, too. The Backstreet Boys released a new album and are going on tour. Not as exciting, but it happened. MORE exciting for the slightly older kids reading this (including myself), the Spice Girls also announced their reunion. While no music has been announced, we’re still Spice Girls Authors who Made a Comeback Much like their musical counterparts, some authors have made some successful returns after taking an extended hiatus.

Here are a few of our best comeback authors:

best comeback authors- Could there be a list of the best comeback authors without Harper Lee? The sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)—Go Set a Watchman (2015)—by Harper Lee was published to much acclaim. Considering that To Kill a Mockingbird remains one of the most well-known American historical novels and continues to make its presence on high school reading lists, the belated sequel was exciting to readers of every generation. - George RR Martin published A Game of Thrones thirteen years after taking a break from fiction. Can you imagine what would have been if he hadn’t decided to make a comeback and continue writing?! To those of you who watched the premier of the last season on Sunday night, we see you. best comeback authors - Award-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro published the sequel to Never Let Me Go fifteen years after the first book’s publication. - Neil Gaiman announced in 2017 he was going to release a sequel to his hit Neverwhere called The Seven Sisters. We are all waiting with excitement and trepidation. - More historically, James Joyce had a seventeen-year hiatus between Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake. And Tolstoy had an astounding twenty-two-year break between Anna Karenina and Resurrection. These authors who made a comeback took long breaks between books before it was cool. Finishing a new favorite book with no sequel in sight is hard. You’ve just discovered a world you adore and feel a connection with the protagonist – and then it’s over! But even if the author has promised a sequel that’s years away from release, don’t worry! It just means you’ll have an excuse to re-read the original once the next installment is actually within reach. So, if you’re waiting for an author, actor, or musical group to make a comeback . . . don’t give up. You never know what could happen.

Who are your best comeback authors? Tell us below in the comments!

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