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When you’re engaged, your focus is on the wedding. Your time, energy, and Pinterest clicks are spent planning one day – then you’re whisked away on your honeymoon, basking in the unreality of marital bliss. You get to spend a week in this perfect little bubble, imagining all that your future will be without a care in the world.

But what about after that?

Work returns. Dinner has to be made. Emails pile up. There’s bills to pay – maybe even some from that splendid celebration you just had. Your attention was on the wedding, and now you’re left with a marriage. How can you make sure that you keep that honeymoon glow about you during those first new weeks at home. Enter your friends at Page Chaser. We've provided a FREE 30-day newlywed activity calendar - full of fun, personal, intimate, and romantic activities for the couple. It is meant to start the day after the honeymoon “ends” – but in your case, it will continue. We would love to see all the fun you have making marriage matter, so make sure you tag us in your Instagram photos, @page.chaser and use the hashtag #HoneymoonOn.

Click Here to Download: Newlywed Activity Calendar

Click Here to Download: 30 Days of Newlywed Activities

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