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Not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Four humans sat commiserating in a room. The problem was this: there wasn’t a bookish community that intersected all of their reading tastes. Current communities mostly excluded books with Christian content while others only featured books with overtly Christian content. Was there a way to meld the two? Was there a way to build a home for avid readers who just happen to also be believers? Could we take the best parts of the two communities – could we be inclusive and diverse, witty and sharp, while still being uplifting?

There was only one way to find out. We now present to you - Page Chaser.

This is our space for everyone stuck in the middle. Page Chaser is a place where you can talk about Stranger Things and Max Lucado. Here, believers don’t have to pretend to be buttoned up, and we can hold intelligent conversations on diverse topics. It’s a place with content that makes people laugh, think, and engage, without being mean. We discussed the idea of, “the nicest corner of the Internet.” It seemed imperative to us that, in a world full of cruel social internet content, we could be here, metaphorically handing out muffins and asking if you’ve read Neil Gaiman. We’re not here to fight with you. We’re not here to lead a revolution. We just want to help you chase a few pages and outrun reality.

We hope you enjoy.

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