Booknerd Recommendations: Five Literary Women Halloween Costumes

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If you’re on the search for what your costume is going to be this Halloween, why don’t you just completely embrace your inner booknerd and dress up as one of your favorite authors AKA literary ladies? Here’s some suggestions if you’re looking for some literary women Halloween costumes that you would rock out at your upcoming Halloween party and/or book club (also, the corresponding books to take with you dressed as said Literary Icon):

Literary Women Halloween Costume #1: Jane Austen

Literary Women Halloween Costume

There are few costumes that can accomplish these two things:

1. You will be comfy

2. You will represent the Queen of Snark

Free-flowing Regency dresses, an updo so your hair’s out of your eyes, and a small, I’m-smarter-than-you smile is all you need to transform into the master of social commentary.

Literary Women Halloween Costume #2: Joy Davidman

Literary Women Halloween Costume

I’ve talked already about how poet and writer Joy Davidman is 100% My Girl, but dressing up as the fiery Mrs. Lewis will not only allow you to rock some bold lip color, but also 1940s digs. If you’ve got a pencil skirt and a curling iron, you’re half-way towards embodying Joy’s classy aesthetic. And to inspire you even more, you should totally listen to the Behind the Scenes of Becoming Mrs. Lewis podcast!

Literary Women Halloween Costume #3: Emily Bronte

I feel like everything with my girl, Emily, is about the ~*mood*~. From the velvet off-the-shoulder dresses to the dark curls to brooding romantic literature, you gotta rock the vibe in addition to all the other components. Channel your inner artist and rock that "Bronte lewk."

Literary Women Halloween Costume #4: Margaret Atwood

Everything is iconic about Margaret Atwood, from her trademark curly 'do to the mischievous glint in her eye. Also, you could just grab one of these The Handmaid’s Tale inspired sweatshirts and pretty much be done with the entire costume.

Literary Women Halloween Costume #5: Louise May Alcott

Literary Women Halloween Costume

If you want to exude an “I don’t have time for your nonsense” aura, then your go-to literary lady is LMA. Don’t mind her with her high-collared dresses and chignon: she’s just writing literary masterpieces and becoming a legend. Also, if you’re facing a cold Halloween, this costume will keep you nice and warm.

Bonus Halloween Costume: Charles Dickens

He may not be a Literary Lady, but who can deny all that hair? Plus, you can keep your hand aloft in your jacket's breast pocket all night like a true gentleman AND carry this gorgeous edition of A Tale of Two Cities everywhere:

What other literary figures do you think would be great as a Halloween costume?

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