Cats and Books: A Love Story, in Memes

Posted by Eric Jensen on

Happy National Cat Day! Cats and book nerds go together like coffee and cream. To honor our feline overlords, here is yet another meager serving of memes, I present you Cats and Books: A Love Story, in Memes:

1. The Classic

2. Spirit Animal


4. Post-purrrrrrchase

5. The Doubter

6. More books right meow!

7. The Furry Epiphany

8. The purrcrastonator 

9. Grumpy Book Cat

10. Spoiler

11.  The most interesting cat in the world

12. Existential Dread Kitten 

13. Cranky Cat Reader 

14. Dobby is a free kitty!

15. Whispers with Whiskers

16. If we're being honest...this is all of us...

17. It hurts so good!

18. We'll give you whatever you want you cute little monster

19. There's a cat on the book, still counts...

20. Oh Harper Lee! These Mockingbird ones are too much!


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