Capital Gaines: We Made Motivational Posters from Chip Gaines' Quotes

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Full disclaimer: I totally ripped off Rach's "What if Rachel Hollis Quotes Were Motivational Posters?" But, let's be honest, that post was pure gold, and who doesn't need a little motivation on a daily basis? Spoiler alert: we all do. And, what motivates you more than Chip Gaines? He is a true gem, and his book, Capital Gaines, will pump you up. Trust me: I've been listening to the audiobook....

Chip Gaines's Capital Gaines will definitely get you pumped to go and conquer the world, build a house, and have a family of five kids.

Okay, maybe that might be stretching it a bit, but you will definitely feel empowered by Capital Gaines. I've pulled together some quintessential Chip Gaines nuggets of wisdom, put them on some sweet motivational poster backgrounds, and now I present them to you:

chip gaines, capital gaines motivation buck

chip gaines, capital gaines motivation penguin

chip gaines, capital gaines motivation unique

chip gaines, capital gaines motivation get after it

chip gaines, capital gaines courageous acts

chip gaines, capital gaines motivation insurmoutable

capital gaines inspiration never quit

Are you motivated yet? Ready to pick up a hammer, renovate a house, build a business, open a store, and begin a homestead with your family? Maybe not, but that's okay! Remember, start small and build it up from there! Want to start listening to Capital Gaines? Well, you totally can! Start motivating yourself via your earbuds:

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