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Have you ever listened to a speech or read something in a book, and felt like the words you heard were being spoken directly to you?

If you are following along and reading The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers with us in our book club, chapter 3 shared Fred's insight on the Holy Spirit. He believed that words could be spoken one way, and "translated" by the Holy Spirit into what the listener needed to hear.

What does this look like? Well, it's like turning on some music when you're feeling down and hearing a song in a new way. A way that speaks directly into your heart. Or reading a devotional that says exactly what you've been thinking. Or having someone say something touching to you just because they felt a tug on their heart to do so. In The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, Amy Hollingsworth shares several times when this happened. In one instance, she was going through a rough time and Fred felt compelled to pray fervently for her, not knowing about her situation. The same happened to her on another occasion. She found herself in tears without warning, with Fred on her heart. Later, she told Fred about this and he revealed that he had been going through a time of grief at that exact time.

Each of these encounters is just a small taste of the insights shared in The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers. Learn more about the book here.

If there's one thing that Fred Rogers is remembered for, it's his words. Not only did he exude kindness with every syllable, but he was also remarkably intentional in his choice of words. Which paid off in how incredibly quotable he is. We're spreading the love today with some downloadable Mister Rogers quote posters for you. Go ahead, print them out and post them by your desk, in your dorm room, on your bathroom mirror...the limit does not exist.

mister rogers quote posters 1
mister rogers quote poster 2
Mister rogers quote poster 4

What is your favorite Mister Rogers quote? Tell us in the comments!

HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. (HCCP), operates Page Chaser, and is the publisher of The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers.

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