Celebrate National Goof Off Day with these Funny Audiobooks

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Hey, did you know that today was National Goof Off Day?

Well, it is officially National Goof Off Day, and that means it’s time to crack out the dad jokes, queue up your favorite Netflix comedy special, and just enjoy a laugh. To get you started, here are some jokes that are so bad… they’re turned around and become good:
Knock knock! Who’s there? Canoe Canoe who? Canoe not tell by looking at me? What is the tastiest table to eat? I don’t know. What? A vegetable.
For those jokes, you are welcome.
national goof off day thank you Okay, I am aware that you don't want to thank me for those jokes.
Okay, now that we have all groaned and the dad jokes are out of the way, and as your local Page Chaser audiobook enthusiast, I have made a list of genuinely funny books that are extra hilarious in audio.

Diary of a Jackwagon by Tim Hawkins

If you didn’t catch Tim Hawkins in his comedy circuit, you’ve probably seen one of his Youtube videos about Chick-fil-a. No, for real, Chick-fil-a comedy is gold, especially when paired to a song, like Tim does with a plethora. Think Weird Al, but for delicious chicken sandwiches. His audiobook Diary of Jackwagon is full of comedy gems, with a stellar/hilarious narration performance from Tim himself.

The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy

If you can quote Empire Strikes Back at any given point and have binge-watched an entire season of a show on Netfix within 24 hours, then Knox McCoy’s The Wondering Years is for you. Host of The Pop Show podcast, Knox McCoy delivers an awesome and humorous performance as your guide through all things in popular culture (including: if cartoons have taught us anything, it’s to never, ever trust a snake. Where is the lie?)

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

This book is just funny because Jim Gaffigan is funny. But if you’re a new parent (or, honestly a parent of any child ages 0-25), this is kind of a “must listen” because it’s all about the funny chaos of being a mom or dad. Plus, he reads it himself, so the delivery is just spot-on. And if you’re not a parent, this will prep you for the wild ride of your potential future offspring! Of course, there’s a ton of other funny audiobooks that can totally accomplish the task of making you laugh. What are some of your favorite funny books?

Oh... and Happy National Goof Off Day!

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HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., (HCCP) operates Page Chaser, which is the publisher of Diary of a Jackwagon and The Wondering Years. Dad is Fat is published by Penguin Random House. HCCP is owned by HarperCollins Publishers.
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