We Did It Again: We Made Motivational Posters for Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

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Perhaps some day this "we made motivational posters from books that inspire us" thing will get old. Today is not that day. Today is not that day because Rachel Hollis - cheerleader of all ambition and champion of hustling after goals - has released her much anticipated new book, Girl, Stop Apologizing.
Rachel Hollis GSA Cover
Rachel Hollis's new book is here, y'all!
And yes, it is everything you wanted it to be:
  1. Total lies we tell ourselves and then use an excuse to not pursue our dreams. Girl, you got to start asking for help. Everyone needs it, and it will free you up to do 👏 your 👏 thing.
  2. How to say "no" to the things you hate. Sounds easy, but why is it so hard sometimes?
  3. Hustling to get that knowledge so that you can start making things happen.
  4. All the stuff that comes with being a woman, from worrying about balancing work and family life, Mom-guilt, appearance pressure, and the weird conundrum of feeling like we have to "do it all."
So in honor Rachel Hollis's Girl, Stop Apologizing releasing, we present to you a whole new set of motivational posters: Rachel Hollis Girl Stop Apologizing Poster Go Big Or Go Home Rachel Hollis Girl Stop Apologizing Motivational Post Time Rachel Hollis Girl Stop Apologizing Motivational Post Your Job Rachel Hollis Girl Stop Apologizing Motivational Post Achievement Rachel Hollis Girl Stop Apologizing Motivational Post Focus Feeling like some more motivation from Girl, Stop Apologizing? Rachel Hollis featured an entire chapter from her audiobook (narrated by her, naturally) on her Rise Podcast, and you should definitely take a listen:
Want to get a ton more inspiration from Girl, Stop Apologizing? Well, go grab a copy of the book, ebook, or audiobook at wherever is your favorite place to grab books. Here's a couple links to get your copy:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Audible | Libro.Fm | Kobo | Google

Feeling motivated and want to keep reading? Check out these other Page Chaser that will keep you A) Inspired and B) Hustling HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., (HCCP) operates Page Chaser. HCCP is owned by HarperCollins Publishers, the publisher of Girl, Stop Apologizing.
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